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  1. Sir, this is the community that created impse.
  2. Those extra two days help me like you wouldn't believe, since I've been fighting what might well be a case of post-COVID messing with my guts and it's been having me be wiped out much of the week so far. At least I've got an easy and breezy workday Friday, but I gotta get through a long workday tomorrow first... Just to clarify: Is that deadline Saturday-into-Sunday midnight, or Sunday-into-Monday midnight?
  3. Dark Pulse

    Is this real?

    There's a few tells with this: Note the trick was submitted by "W. A. Stokins" (that is, "Waste Tokens") from "Fuldigen, HA" (that is, "Fooled Again, Ha.") But yes, this is literally the joke that created Akuma. Then they did it once again, as someone else said, but this time, for Street Fighter III - fittingly enough, alongside a picture of Akuma. They were SLIGHTLY more subtle this time - but if you read the first letter of every sentence in the first two paragraphs, it's spelled out clear as day. And that, kids, is how we finally got Sheng Long years later.
  4. If it's jailbroken, it should be possible. If it's not, of course not.
  5. Dark Pulse

    Why aren't edited texture colors appearing correctly?

    That would (or should) be "Indexed Mode." Basically, should be as simple as selecting that mode, and then entering the colors that the Doom palette uses. It allows you to enter entries in hex triplets, so it should be fairly trivial to enter it. You can then save the palette in the hamburger menu right above the palette. Here's the actual palette, with palette index numbers for reference: Note: All 256 indexes are used. A popular (but mistaken) assumption is that Index 247 is not used; it is, in fact, used, in particular by some Doom II graphics. Transparency is done by a completely different method (basically, flagging one color of the sprite as a transparent color on a sprite-by-sprite basis), but all colors are viable and usable.
  6. It means exactly as it says. You either do not have a sprite named MISL (which is the four letters) with a second frame of animation (the B), or you did something messed up in your splode.txt that you're using. Check both. The reason you're probably running into this error is that the default missile sprite isn't animated at all: MISLA1, MISLA8A2, MISLA7A3, MISLA6A4, MISLA5. It basically has five frames that cover all eight standard rotations, but that's it; there is no animation. You're specifically calling frames that would begin with MISLB, MISLC, MISLD, and MISLE - which don't exist in your PK3, and so GZDoom bombs, while UDB wags its finger at you. Doom sprite naming follows a very specific format. It's basically NAMEFA[FA]. The name is arbitrary, F is an animation frame (A-Z, then [, \, and ] for 29 frames maximum), A is an angle of 1-8 that turns the sprite in 45 degree angles clockwise with 1 starting as directly facing the player (unless it's a sprite that always faces the player in which case the angle is 0), and the second FA is optional and is for the purposes of sprite mirroring at a different angle without needing an entire new sprite. The basic thing to remember is that the first four letters/numbers are the actual sprite "name," while the last 2-4 letters/numbers tell the engine specific things about when to display that particular sprite, and are NOT considered part of the sprite name. For example: TROOA2A8. TROO: The actual sprite name. This can be anything. A2: The first frame of animation (A), for sprite angle 2 (45 degree angle to the left). A8: This sprite is a special case. The same frame should be done, but mirrored, for angle 8 (45 degrees to the right/315 degrees total). The second frame of animation for both of those angles would thus be TROOB2B8, the third TROOC2C8, and so on. A more in-depth explanation, along with some things that are ZDoom enhancements, can be found on the ZDoom wiki page for Sprites.
  7. I'll see if I can crank something out over the weekend, though admittedly it doesn't help the deadline is just before my vacation would begin. :P I already got a name in mind, at least.
  8. Dark Pulse

    What would be the worse game universe to be stuck in?

    Barney's Hide & Seek.
  9. Dark Pulse

    Console Emulation Thread

    Hell yeah, Skyblazer! Beat that one as a kid. Hidden gem. Solid soundtrack, too. (Also it has the word "breast" in it, which is kind of surprising since Nintendo of America was still in full "censor it all" mode for a few more years yet.)
  10. I had a definite idea behind my map, and thanks to this WAD, it's actually even more hilarious in hindsight.
  11. Dark Pulse

    DOOM 2016 textures?

    I've seen tools that could extract the models and their textures, but not the level textures.
  12. Dark Pulse

    I love Youtube's war on ad-blockers

    For those using uBlock Origin, just keep an eye on this. https://drhyperion451.github.io/does-uBO-bypass-yt/ If they match, uBO has been updated, and adblock should work. If it doesn't, try refreshing the lists - or wait awhile for it to be updated.
  13. Dark Pulse

    Gold Coins?

    It's a DECORATE script, so you create a text file in your WAD with DECORATE definitions. https://zdoom.org/wiki/DECORATE As noted, though, it's been more or less superceded by ZScript. You can still use it, but it's basically not recommended. It's not all that hard to convert it to ZScript once you have a bit more knowledge though, especially for really simple stuff like this.
  14. Dark Pulse

    Helion - C# ( 2/9/23 - Goodbye BSP tree rendering)

    Hmm, fair enough. I do remember some things being mentioned about how monster closets needed special handling and the like for certain effects, but I'm probably talking about it with incomplete information in some way. But basically the gist I was trying to get to Yonko is that it's never going to be as simple as "Rip out Helion's renderer and slap it into GZDoom." The latter basically needs to handle a lot more stuff that is currently (and possibly permanently) beyond Helion's scope, and any sort of merging of the two would probably require some very significant modifications to code that might be difficult or even impossible due to fundamental assumptions that might not always be true or whatever.