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  1. Well, we still talk about Mordeth, and it's only been 22 years. Does that count? (Mordeth's old enough to legally drink. Sheesh.)
  2. Dark Pulse

    Every possible theme using IWAD textures?

    You're all thinking small fry. The obvious answer is to combine every official game's textures into one mega-texture IWAD. Can't wait for my Gothic Industrial Chex Quest Spaceport.
  3. Dark Pulse

    Don't Run on Phobos

    So THAT'S why it was called "Phobos Anomaly." How else could you avoid flying off into space on E1M8 if it weren't one?
  4. Dark Pulse

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    While I'm here... I'm amazed nobody's made that Doom parody from Cracked Issue #304 a reality yet. Any volunteers? Sounds like it'd be right up Xaser's alley. Or something.
  5. Dark Pulse

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Already done.
  6. Mordeth V: 2099 32-in-24: It's really 96-in-72 if you think about it hard enough 100,000 Revenants and 1 Dalmatian The Ghoul's Forest IV: Logger's Nightmare
  7. Dark Pulse

    Lost Episodes in GZDoom?

    It's not an IWAD, so you won't find it listed among the IWADs. It's a standard PWAD, since all it has is new maps and a few new graphical assets.
  8. Dark Pulse

    Advice for a console noob?

    SNES Doom is actually how I played Doom for my first few years. I grew up pretty poor (I didn't even have a PC until 2002), and I remember a guy was selling it at a Flea Market (in 1995) for $30. I had $27. He agreed to the sale, and so my ten year-old self got his first real good taste of blood and guts. That said, I'd also definitely not recommend it as an actual way to PLAY the game. Although yes, its music is actually quite good, and it's one of the few ports aside from the modern Mid-2000s or later perfect ports that have some of the levels cut from other ports, and they're also quite close to the PC versions, as well. The best console port (thus, not counting Doom 64) that's not a perfect port (i.e; 360/PS3 and later) would still be PlayStation Doom. It's definitely different, but it's got a hell of a lot of levels, plenty of original content (Playing Ultra-Violence on that when I was used to SNES Ultra-Violence was quite relevatory when I ran into a Chaingunner on E1M1), really excellent atmosphere thanks to Aubrey Hodges' soundtrack and the colored sectors, and so on. That's not to say it's perfect, however. The main problems are twofold: No analog stick support, since this predates the DualShock (and even the forgotten pre-DualShock Analog Controller). Final Doom does support the PlayStation Mouse though. (And maybe Team GEC will be able to enable mouse support for the non-Final Doom mapsets in their hack, but that's another story entirely.) Framerate can be quite clunky; most maps are in the 20s, some dip down to the single digits in spots. This is especially true for Ultra-Violence difficulty, and doubly so on the PlayStation port of Final Doom. Fortunately, most emulators have a fix for this by overclocking the emulated CPU (RetroArch allows for this at least, as does Xebra), so if you don't mind that it won't be totally console-authentic framerate, you can always enable that and have a pretty consistent 30 FPS experience. (In fact, I'd probably recommend you do this in general unless you really want it to be authentic - or play it on actual hardware.) That said, of the contemporary ports of when Doom was relatively new, it's easily the best one. (Also worth mentioning, the PS1 actually got a damn good port of Quake II, as well! So good I wrote pretty much the only complete FAQ for it on GameFAQs almost 15 years ago.) Doom 64 is still totally worth playing, mind you - it's just you can think of it as a fancy Megawad compared to the original games (and it's from the same guys who did the PS1 version, right down to the same SFX, mappers, and musician, so if you like PS1 Doom, you should like that too). It's easily the most complex console version of the game, and until advanced engines like ZDoom/Eternity/etc. came out, could easily have been argued as one of the most advanced versions of the game, period.
  9. God, I could barely manage Dis on Ultra-Violence from pistol start. I shudder thinking of a Nightmare run of it. (Seriously. I think my trial run ended with me at about 3% Health.)
  10. Meaning that we must factor that in as well due to the limited RAM. Bleh. Someday we'll have it running on the N64 engine and not have to worry about any of this, but since the whole point of this is to cope with the PS1 limits, let's make all the maps we need working on this version before we try to shift it to a new version of the engine. :P
  11. Until they get it re-uploaded, this will do then. https://mega.nz/#!c5Rh0SBD!ijSsWSaZSqrmw01mM0KMm45tUSYaHsGqvN63ML5tSn4
  12. Indeed it's not. I can mirror it if nobody else has it, I've still got the RAR.
  13. Cheat code would be an alternate way to do it, yeah, and there's certainly a few "unhooked" cheat combinations that could be used. Not sure how much EXE hacking that'd require though. Both probably will, of course.
  14. Another potential question for @Erick194 - any possibility for there to be a skill mode hack where we can remove all monsters from the level, kind of like -skill 0 in the original DOS game? (The difference being that one removed all Things, not just monsters.) It'd be quite helpful for testing. This way we can test triggers, sectors, and so on without having to actually deal with monsters. Obviously it wouldn't be needed for the actual Beta/Final builds.
  15. Question: After this project is completed, are you going to release all the tools needed to build a full replacement CD, @Erick194? Like, let's say I wanted to make a conversion of a PWAD, complete with custom textures (and maybe even custom songs, I dunno). Is that going to be possible with the "full" tools, or is what we have now as good as we will ever get? Music would be the trickiest part, but I know you guys have figured out how to reverse them into standard MIDI files and create a soundfont, so in theory that should be doable to create new songs as well. At that point, there's not much that wouldn't be able to be replaced, short of enemies/weapons and core game logic (like code pointers, etc.).