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  1. Dark Pulse

    What are you listening to?

    Considering that Final Fantasy albums have often gotten piano-only remixes in the past... how the hell did this song not get an official one from them? And how the hell did this guy just completely nail it?
  2. Dark Pulse

    how do i fix my insanely high ping in doom 1?

    Probably just down to who you're playing with. If it's not affecting other games it's definitely not your connection, and I'm pretty sure breaking your console won't fix your game (or your ping).
  3. Dark Pulse

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    @Hyde Thank you and all the other Midway guys for making two of the truly most unique Doom experiences the world got to see. I didn't own an N64, but PlayStation Doom was my second Doom (after the SNES port of Doom), and I always loved the difference in atmosphere compared to that. I sure did want to play Doom 64 though! My questions are more Playstation Doom related - I'm kind of curious as to why some of the maps that got cut, well, got cut. I'm not sure if you're aware, but there's a very large project going on for Playstation Doom where we're hacking all sorts of lost/missing levels back into the game and giving them a makeover in the style of the work you guys did on Playstation Doom. Obviously we have to do quite a bit of work for some of these levels, but for others, it seems like there's really not any reason I can think of other than time constraints for not having them in there (some of the maps I've done, like E3M8: Dis and TNT's MAP05: Hanger/MAP06: Open Season come to mind), where relatively few cuts were needed to get them running (and running well) in the Playstation version of the engine. Any chance some light can be shed on this? It'd be kind of a bummer if it was mere time constraints, since there was plenty more room on that CD. Me doing some of these maps has made me truly appreciate the sacrifices you guys went through to get a damn good port of the game on the Playstation, by the way - some of the limitations like stretched textures on walls over 256 units high, the 16 flat limit, the tight RAM requirements limiting monster variety, and geometry fun make me wish we had better debugging for that, but it also makes me appreciate all the work you guys did all that much more. That said, the desire to want to do things on the Doom 64 Engine is also what led to us trying to reach out to you - but @Erick194 is having progress figuring out the extra type of compression used by Doom 64 maps/textures/demos, so hopefully soon we'll have versions of those maps running on the N64 Doom Engine as well - and make use of all the little features and tricks that you guys got added to it. :) Also, is there any reason why the flags for monsters (mostly used for the Nightmare Spectres) weren't used on more enemies? We know there was some Nightmare Imps in a beta version of PSX Doom (there's screenshots from an issue of Gamepro, I believe), but in the final game only Demons generally got that treatment, save for a few weird (and seemingly random) enemies: One Cacodemon on MAP45: Tenements has 50% Transparency set to it, using the third bit of the bitfield. It is the only monster with this set in the game. One Demon on MAP34: The Focus (in the exit room) has 100% Additive Transparency set to it, using the second and third bits of the bitfield. It too is the only monster set with this in the game. Setting all three bits creates normal, non-nightmare Spectres, but for some reason these were seemingly never used. Kind of surprised that these flags weren't really used for much more than the Nightmare Spectres, and for some reason, only for those - some Nightmare Cacos or Nightmare Mancubi would have made for some interesting mid-boss tier fights, and broken up the monotony from a Hell Knight being trudged out for your token "beefy bad guy." Any light shed there would be really interesting to me - it's one of the bigger mysteries of PSX Doom to me. Oh, lastly: If someone doesn't raise your post limit, that's only because you're new, and to try to ensure you're not a spammer. It goes away after the first day or two. Maybe @Quasar or @fraggle can bend the rules and get you set up a little early?
  4. Dark Pulse

    Converting a source map to doom

    Conversion is virtually impossible - even advanced Doom engines make some fundamental assumptions about the map that is going to completely make it unworkable with an engine that operates in fully movable 3D space. Recreation is far more likely, but even that won't be guaranteed to be perfect.
  5. Dark Pulse

    DOOM SLAYER en mortal kombat

    All I know is if there's no ripping and tearing of some huge guts, I'm going to be sorely disappointed.
  6. Dark Pulse

    Game Engine Black Book: Doom

    Highly appropriate episode number, too.
  7. "Reviled did I live," said I, "as evil I did deliver."
  8. Dark Pulse

    Is Doom Builder 2 Development Discontinued?

    Since he plays on GZDoom, it wouldn't surprise me if he used GZDoom Builder or GZDBBF.
  9. You just know that Daisy would be shaking her head as she saved Doomguy yet again with the BFG.
  10. Dark Pulse

    100th Post On Doomworld

    You know what this means now. Summon... THE KRAKEN.
  11. Like I said, wouldn't be surprised if the music change somehow tipped it over, as I was cutting it pretty close on the RAM limit. At the least, I couldn't add Cacos without overflowing the RAM. If that's the case, I'll have to figure out something probably. I really want to keep the Pain Elementals there for the extra challenge and the "Doom II in Doom" feel. I'd probably have to swap out the Barons for Nightmare Hell Knights, and failing that, something that uses less memory.
  12. Dark Pulse

    What are you listening to?

    Picture this: It's 1997. You ask a bunch of big-name JRPG and anime music composers to actually do a non-game work - their own vision of what life would sound like 200 years from then. You then compile it into one album and release it to the world. The end result: 2197. There's four of my favorite tracks from the album. If you'd like the whole shebang, you can find it here.
  13. Dark Pulse

    Removed Texture Still Showing up in Editor?

    This do anything for you?