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  1. Dark Pulse

    Best FPS game (Aside from Doom)

    Only one other person (in my admitted skim of this thread) mentioned the original Unreal Tournament. The rest of you, report yourselves to the hallway of ricocheting Ripper blades. Crouching, naturally, is not allowed.
  2. It's an allegory on just how badly war with the demons can mess with you. Doomguy, having been permanently mentally traumatized by the experience, begins to hallucinate. Monsters flickering in and out of existence. Weapons that appear and disappear. You hear a growl in the distance, and it's just like instinct. Punch the air. It's only when you don't feel it connect with anything that you realize it isn't there. Understandably, he will never be the same man ever again.
  3. Dark Pulse

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    Ecto Cooler colored blood when?
  4. Adding graphics is one thing, but adding the SS back requires not only adding the sprites for it to the game, but modifying the executable to fit in the new actor types, code pointers, etc. That's not a trivial task. That said, it's not impossible. Definitely a case of "maybe when all the levels are in" though, at best.
  5. Dark Pulse

    Doom: Slayer Edition for Atari Jaguar

    You're right, that's probably very much in play here. ROM cartridges read very quickly, so it's pretty easy to page things as-needed.
  6. Dark Pulse

    What makes Doom 3 so different from the rest?

    No, to be jealous he'd need a game more broken than Daikatana. Like, I dunno, Rock'n Shaolin.
  7. Honestly, I think I was in fourth grade or so (so 1994). One of my counselors' PCs had the shareware version of Doom on it, and if we were good, he let us play it. I remember doing fairly decently up until E1M4, don't really recall getting much further than that. To be fair, I was like, nine. Some may question the wisdom of letting nine year-olds play Doom, but then I go to work on my school bus and hear ten year-olds discussing GTA5. The more things change, the more they stay the same, I guess...
  8. Dark Pulse

    What makes Doom 3 so different from the rest?

    One was a game that Romero was proud to make. One was a game that Romero looked like he wanted to kill it with his mind when signing its box.
  9. Dark Pulse

    why did id software choose the palette?

    And then the palette changed mid-production.
  10. Dark Pulse

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    It's not. It's being entirely rebased on KEX3. KEX1 isn't console-friendly at all.
  11. Dark Pulse

    Regenerating Health In First Person Shooters A Bad Thing??

    By this logic, Duke Nukem 3D is a bad game because you had an on-demand health pack if you found one that you could use to immediately regenerate your health all at once. And you could slowly sip water from fountains/toilets to get back up to 100. And you could take a leak and gain 10 health back. Basically: Depends on the game. If it's balanced for it, it works great. If it's balanced poorly, it shows.
  12. Dark Pulse

    Which color key is the scariest/hardest?

    Chartreuse. I'll wait while you look it up. So will the monsters in the closet it activates.
  13. Dark Pulse

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    Trailers rarely show all sorts of graphic violence, even if the game is graphically violent. Case in point: MadWorld. I get your worry, but it'd be good to seek facts first before jumping to conclusions, yes?
  14. Dark Pulse

    if doom 64 had multi player?

    Among the Doom community, sure. I'm talking about the public at large.
  15. Dark Pulse

    if doom 64 had multi player?

    Not much would have changed, because 3D - true 3D - was the real hotness at the time. It would've still been quickly overshadowed by Goldeneye and that would have been that.