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  1. DoomShark

    Enjay Zdoom 2001

    If this was the 2001 year I would rate this 5/5. But in 2022 this wad is nothing but a lame retro. I got the feeling that this wad was trying to showcase the advanced Zdoom capabilities rather than trying to create a good game play, and even with the advanced features the design still feels flat! HMP or lower players will probably enjoy this as it is a below average difficulty with plenty of ammo/items. I wanted to rate this 2.5/5 stars, but since half star cannot be selected I rated it 3 stars. We really need to be able to select half a star in rating.
  2. DoomShark


    Nothing's eye catchy! but its an Adrenalin pumping experience! One thing I couldn't understand is the title pic, What's he doing with that saw?!
  3. DoomShark

    Hell Revealed

    Nothing fancy here! Just another slaughter maps in which you keep reloading saved games until you figure out a plan to beat the map. As if the slaughter is not enough, in later maps you'll face ghost monster which you cannot kill!! I played this at UV + Brutal DOOM.
  4. DoomShark


    Stop reading reviews and download this magnificent wad and start playing, You'll love it!! Played this a few years back and I still remember a lot of its memorable maps. I started playing it again last week and I enjoyed playing it as if it is the first time.
  5. DoomShark

    SlayeR.wad, Issue 2.

    - Tense but enjoyable! - Don't play this if you're "Hurt me plenty" player. - Too many closed doors which cannot be opened, confusing! - Some switches are nothing but an ordinary texture no different than adjacent textures which make them very hard to spot. - Would give it 5 stars if it was a complete map set. only 10 maps!
  6. DoomShark


    Amusing wad!, You'll enjoy playing this I would like to play a version of this without the new added monsters which mostly borrowed from Heretic. Weapons ammo is not balanced, rockets and shotgun clips are abundant on the expense of other ammo. Map31 is the most stupid map31 I've ever played.
  7. DoomShark


    Played at UV. :| This isn't for you if you usually play at HMP or easier. :) Good gameplay, enemies around each corner. :) Ammo, armor and health supplies are good. :( Awkward map design, you'll get confused a lot while moving between different parts of maps and you'll use the TAB key too often. :( Many times you will be unable to open colored doors despite that you already have the keys, frustrating!! :( Too many switch flipping spoiled the gameplay and causing confusion. :( Most likely you'll use cheat codes a lot to help you figure out how to exit a map! :( You cannot exit some maps until you find a well hidden secret!!!, Map03 for instance. :( You cannot exist some maps until you walk on some spots that contain some items that you probably don't need or want to spare for later.
  8. DoomShark

    Project X

    - Old school map design from the 90s - Small maps - Easy to beat - Many unpleasant design features like uncomfortable narrow passages, many unnecessary switch flipping and boring repetitive actions,...
  9. DoomShark

    Countdown to Extinction

    Aside from being a hard wad this wad is frustrating to play because the author is forcing a certain play style on you, very limited choice of weapons, for example you don't get the super shotgun until map 14!!. Ammo is rare especially machine gun ammo, with weak weapons fighting strong monsters in congested narrow areas I quickly got frustrated. The author will kill you several times after a few maps, again putting you in fight with hard monsters with a pistol and ammo shortage.
  10. DoomShark

    Pizza Steve

    It's a hard wad, You'll die a lot, If you're good at staging cross fight between monsters then this is for you. Otherwise its extremely difficult to finish it just by your own bullets. Overall it's a good wad, good map design suitable for this kind of battles, The missing star because of some imbalances in some maps, Some maps don't have enough armor so you'll fight monsters with a naked skin, a couple of maps don't have sufficient ammo. Some early maps are much more difficult than the last ten maps. Maps 31 and 32 are lame. But most maps are hours and hours of fun for me.
  11. DoomShark

    Doom Core

    This is an excellent wad and I like it. The maps are well designed and fun to play. What I didn't like is seeing some people rating it low, If you read these people reviews you'll see that they're mostly noobs complaining about how hard it is to play, Anyone finds any wad hard to play should lower the difficulty level to something they can beat instead of just get frustrated and jump into the forum and post negative reviews, At least respect the efforts and valuable time the designer put to create this fantastic wad.
  12. DoomShark

    Khorus' Speedy Shit

    If you're a HMP player then don't play this!, You'll find it hard and then write a bad review. This is for dommers who like challenges, and I had lot of fun playing it. a lot of monster in small maps, you'll fight monsters around each corner. This wad was designed for speedruns so the ammo and health are not plenty, If it wasn't for that I would have rated it 5.
  13. DoomShark


    If you usually play at HMP difficulty then this wad isn't for you, You'll find it hard to play, If you do then you'll probably write a bad review.. I would rate this at least 4 stars if it was a complete wad, There are only 17 maps!.
  14. DoomShark

    Illuminatus v1.0.0

    Frustrating to play, You'll spend 3/4 of your time just running around the large maps trying to figure out what to do next after flipping yet another switch of the so many switches plaguing the wad. Flip a switch on the far side of the map and run to the other side of the map to flip another switch and then run to the other side of the map and flip yet another switch...blahblahblahblahblahblah...no fighting monsters ..just running!! I reached map 15 and couldn't complete the rest because all i was doing is just running across the map for half an hour to find out what the switch i just flipped did. Not recommend!!!
    This goes in my favorites list. Beautiful and creative maps, I enjoyed playing each and every level, lots of fun!. I would rate this wad with 5 stars except for the stupid pictures showing all over the maps that really distracted me and ruined the game atmosphere and spoiled my immersion. Since I'm planning to play this again I probably will edit the wad and remove the silly pictures.