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  1. Gusta

    LAN in Prague

    Well, I strated to work on some polishing here and there... but don't expect miracles, I have to learn all the stuff again, because I forgot almost everything about it :-)
  2. Gusta

    LAN in Prague

    Do you really want it? :-) Those maps are not so good. :-) Funny thing, when this LAN was happening, I had some 28 maps already :-)
  3. Gusta

    LAN in Prague

    VCLP3066.mp4: Grazza is holding the camera, so from his right hand counter clockwise around the table to his left hand: Radeg, Opulent, Titan, x-jack, Draza_jr, Tomsa-x, Erik Alm, Belial, Method, Gusta VLCP3073.mp4: Radeg, Opulent, Titan, Bubušák, Draza_jr, Tomsa-x, Erik Alm, Damned, Method, Nikki, Gusta, Raiderr (only his hands are visible :-)
  4. Gusta

    LAN in Prague

    That's legendary :-D I can identify all the people on those 2 videos from pub, if you need :-)
  5. Gusta

    The Great Tyson Thread of 2016

    I think that all ksutra maps have berserk (+ lot of power up) but I am afraid that it's too much of luxury and those maps are way too easy for these crazy guys :-)
  6. Gusta

    Alien Vendetta demos [-complevel 2]

    Wow, you are crazy :-) Congratulations! I have to take vacation just to watch this run :-)
  7. Gusta

    Doom II UV-Speed D2ALL in 19:51

    Excellent run, pretty aggresive and flawless, congratulations, man! (and Map 22 was breathtaking :-))
  8. Gusta

    New Kama Sutra demos

    Excellent! Are you (or someone else) willing to put this run on youtube? For Mr. Method, please! :-)
  9. Gusta

    what's the worst WAD you've ever played?

    Pity, that you haven't been around some 7 years ago when we were building this crappy wad. Your advices would have been pretty helpful, I suppose.
  10. Nice! Btw. Map 29 RJ was my originally intended shortcut or this map. I completely overlooked that AV Jump possibility myself (that's what can happen when you create and test the map speed route without monsters first, then add monsters without thinking about all consequences :-) Map 26 jump was intended too. I think it's easier on the western part (the window floor there is 1 px lower :-)) Your map10 route was a surprise for me :-)
  11. Gusta

    Plutonia 1024 demos [-complevel 9]

    Good job, Grumpy! :-) Looks like you handle this trick easily on purpose.
  12. Gusta

    Plutonia 1024 demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 05 UV Speed in 0:14 Check out this magical trick! :-) py05-014.zip
  13. Gusta

    Plutonia 1024 demos [-complevel 9]

    My best try on map 22 so far is 0:46 so here you are. EDIT: .txt said that it's Pacifist so I fixed it of course :-) py22-046.zip
  14. Gusta

    Plutonia 1024 demos [-complevel 9]

    I haven't succeeded with -nomonsters during 20 minutes of trying. I practiced it with monsters because I did it once before by accident - with a huge "imp from below assitance". But it seems that you need just a little stuck from below + chaingunners also help you moving forward pretty often :-) It's still pretty random, I did the jump only 3 times during 30-40 mins of recording.