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  1. Gusta

    Kama Sutra demos [-complevel 2]

    No :-) This idea is all new for me :-D And that map is wierd.
  2. Gusta did you know the red door on ksutra map11 doesn't need a red key :V

  3. Ok, you're welcome :-) I am adding MAP12 UV Pacifist in 0:34 m212p034.zip
  4. Damn, I recorded a demo... how did that happen!? :-) MAP12 UV Speed in 0:31 m212-031.zip
  5. Gusta

    Kama Sutra demos [-complevel 2]

    Great demos, excellent times, huge improvements! Thank you very much, Ancalagon, and doomadict82! :-) (I hope that some later, harder maps will catch your attention as well :-))
  6. Gusta give me ks2, i will pay you in duck pictures

  7. Juza

    ༼ つ ◕_ ◕ ༽つ GIVE KAMA SUTRA 2 ༼ つ ◕_ ◕ ༽つ

    KSutra is my favorite megawad of all time. It's not fair that you don't release KSutra 2, Gusta!!! It's not fair!!!

  8. I have checked my mailbox and it looks like that I forgot to send this demo. And I don't have it anywhere, so sorry, this piece of history is lost.
  9. Gusta

    LAN in Prague

    Well, I strated to work on some polishing here and there... but don't expect miracles, I have to learn all the stuff again, because I forgot almost everything about it :-)
  10. Gusta

    LAN in Prague

    Do you really want it? :-) Those maps are not so good. :-) Funny thing, when this LAN was happening, I had some 28 maps already :-)
  11. Gusta

    LAN in Prague

    VCLP3066.mp4: Grazza is holding the camera, so from his right hand counter clockwise around the table to his left hand: Radeg, Opulent, Titan, x-jack, Draza_jr, Tomsa-x, Erik Alm, Belial, Method, Gusta VLCP3073.mp4: Radeg, Opulent, Titan, Bubušák, Draza_jr, Tomsa-x, Erik Alm, Damned, Method, Nikki, Gusta, Raiderr (only his hands are visible :-)
  12. Gusta

    LAN in Prague

    That's legendary :-D I can identify all the people on those 2 videos from pub, if you need :-)
  13. I think that all ksutra maps have berserk (+ lot of power up) but I am afraid that it's too much of luxury and those maps are way too easy for these crazy guys :-)