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  1. Seeing DooM monsters in (originally a) Duke-theme's map looks weird to me for some reasons, still...nice try to porting this to GZDooM...
  2. Player Lin

    Build Engine Poll!

    Yeah, 3DR just overdid that part, too bad... also the silly mixture of Asian cultures make Lo Wang even worse than it should...
  3. Remember, Lot7P was thing from Chinese, it most likely nobody give a shit if have no interest at this novel(even most Chinese/Taiwanese back in that time doesn't like FPAction/Shooter that time), and worst thing is...the shitty gameplay, unfinished feature implementations with crap bugs/unbalanced bullshit almost ruined the whole game...too bad. Well, at least it was a rare Chinese theme of FPS that when most nameless heroes(player characters) killing corrupted ancient Chinese (Song Dynasty) officers to save the people... I'm sure this game was created because in that time(early 1993 - early 1994), a TV series in Taiwan --which also based the 1879 novel's Bao Zheng, the legendary judge of Song Dynasty -- got smash hit...yeah Lot7P released just months after the show ended...(end of Feb. Sep. 1994) EDIT: No the game was released after Sep. 26 1994, I just made mistake, sorry. Shit...I don't know Wikipedia has English page for the TV show... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Justice_Pao_(1993_TV_series) Yeah...that show was hit in Taiwan and HK back then...and I watched...oh...good ol' time... Too bad this game just fall into victim of "cash grabing" and "business scams".... *sigh*
  4. I don't disagree this but I actually means things that not for "easier to use, but feels like it should be like that"... :P
  5. Player Lin

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    Shotgun sucks. No, it's useful for sure but I just feel there are too much shells in DooM/UD IWAD and some PWADs...like I have to use shotgun to blast the whole game...well maybe that's my own problem I guess. :\
  6. Player Lin

    Build Engine Poll!

    Yeah I already know about this, well, it's good to know that poor game still received such treatments... Too bad MARS 3D seems cannot get such treatments as it's using custom DooM-spec-inspired engine but who knows...
  7. Player Lin

    Build Engine Poll!

    Gez beats, his post has better reference about Build engine ports. ......it's not that Capcom......it's Capstone... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capstone_Software
  8. Player Lin

    Build Engine Poll!

    For Blood: NBlood, BloodGDX For Duke3D/NAM/WW2GI: EDuke32, DukeGDX, RedNukem(PS:I'm not sure about DukeGDX and RedNukem's NAM/WW2GI supports is like what as I only use EDuke32...and never used others) For RR: RedNukem For SW: VoidSW(not release yet) For others : I have no idea, but the GDX engine from M210 may supports other Build engine games.
  9. Player Lin

    Mars 3D Re-Release

    https://forums.duke4.net/topic/10470-mars-3d-community-campaign/page__st__90 Read the last few posts. Still, keep in mind it'll not be official release as mr-edit and his team didn't care about other releases(won't get that anymore if those copies are sold) so it mostly be non-official if someone uploaded the ISO image.
  10. Please remember one thing, Raze is still a fork of EDuke32 with GZDooM's things in it, its base is still Build engine so adding DooM-only things just looks weird and I think we don't needed it become too DooMy. :P Don't take my post seriously. :P :P :P
  11. Player Lin

    Build Engine Poll!

    Can I have multiple selection? :P I have only played DN3D and SW mostly, NAM and WW2GI a little and then Ion Ma...uh, Fury. Cannot say Blood and RR as I almost rarely played them(did have play some Blood but that's very long time ago), so can't say any shit with them. I preferred both engines, select only one engine just boring, why I can't play and love both? :P :P :P
  12. Player Lin

    Mars 3D Re-Release

    Someone in Duke4.net forum said will release the image after those remaining stock copies all sold. About Steam/GOG, I don't think so, while this game "technically" is in copyright hell, as I know the dev. company has been long gone, the publisher company never give any shit with that and/or other games from the same dev. company...(even I already know they were related in some degrees), just like most of classic Taiwanese video/PC games and... also put it on Steam/GOG would be very challenge as the game didn't full completed and just short. But still, it still possible if someone/some guys want to improve the game and make more proper release of the game.
  13. Player Lin

    The /newstuff Chronicles #546

    Yeah, I know this reply is months late, just didn't came here for months, busy with shitty moblie MMORPG that I like. :P I would prefer T/nC reviews than those review sections on each files...also, this is how I downloading and organizing my WADs(because T/nC reviews are sorts by WADs/TCs' release date, mostly), so that's bad to me, but I haven't time to play DooM WADs about a year so whatever, since I still not played all the WADs I downloaded in past.
  14. Player Lin


    Unless the author intended made this map looks like his(?)/someone's nightmare then I think it's fine to use Nazis-themes textures and monsters but I'm not sure...firstmap? Okay... I feel the final battle just boring because you can just using BFG9000 to clear the whole room without any problems(unless you wasted all of your cell ammo)...even the custom monster can't hold it. Texturing just not good but I think it can be improved, I would like see more if the author still making DooM levels...2/5
  15. Player Lin

    The Hall

    It's not a bad map, but nothing so special, no idea should this be a ZDooM-needed map... But whatever...it's a decent map to me, just a little hard in beginning but after that(well, at least megasphere provided, just come back later after you have more stuff to deal with those barons and knights), nobody would has problems to blast through the level. Yeah, some may found this map boring but I'm fine with that...3/5