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About This File

D_RUNNIN is only a file name. RUNNIN_D is much, much worse.

If you don't want to stop running from evil, then this is for you. Load any of the old IWADs, and every little bit of music will be replaced with the best melody from beyond the grave. This goes for PWADs that use original music file names as well, id est, the vast majority. But the atonal assault doesn't stop there... No! A .mp3 version and a brief .wav sound effect is also included for your suffering. You can use them to enhance your OS, your telephone or your collection of music. The choice is yours.

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Master Levels Flashbacks intensify

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· Edited by Origamyde


An absolute gem for the ages. Even more groundbreaking than Brutal Doom, even more memorable than NERVE, Alien Vendetta and Saturn X reunited !



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It does what it promises, so no broken promises. It makes sense, I got what I was looking for. You took this gimmick and ran with it. Because of that you get 5 stars.

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Best experienced with STARTANITY.

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Certainly got me runnin'

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Lol 6



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oh yea reminds me of spending ours on duels and the master levels

i heard this music for so much time at this point that i cant help but love it im listening to it right now when making this review so my final score is 7/10 too much running, little something for everyone, dark souls of doom music.

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i dont like D_RUNNIN anymore. thank you!

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This is the new type of auditory torture that the government was hiding from us for so long.

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RUNNIN_D is the blast! Guaranteed to knock KDiZD out of orbit. Perfect for any home invasion.

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  • File Reviews

    • By magicsofa · Posted
      Can everyone please stop reviewing this ish
    • By Lol 6 · Posted
      15 fps, but it was fun nonetheless 
    • By xxWeNxx · Posted
      my computer almost suffered lol
    • By CherryMvffins · Posted
      This wad is so hard, you gotta ballsy playing with nuts, but it's worth it. After hours of sucking at nuts, and believe me I sucked A LOT, I ended up loving nuts a lot. would recommend if you want a rough experience, with rock solid design, and balls to the walls action. I personally love nuts. This wad is cool too I guess 
    • By Origamyde · Posted
      Ah, yes, the ultimate benchmark tool for anyone looking for a decent computer. A fine piece of technology (I didn't even realize that this WAD had somewhat of a plot, despite its joke-ish nature), indeed, with a bonus feature by the greatest rock song on Earth.   5/5, would play again with anything but a potato.