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  1. Zellonous

    Administration Center - 4 hours Speedmap

    I enjoyed the map! It looks awesome for only 4 hours. I did, however, find a couple bugs. There's an imp stuck behind a wall in the room with the blue door. There is also two deaf imps in the monster room with the vent. So it is impossible to get 100% kills without noclip. Also, The secret was pretty interesting. I would have never known to how to get in without looking at the map with Doom Builder. EDIT: I noticed the file you linked to here was different than the one you uploaded to /idgames. Looks like you just forgot to delete the stuck imp.
  2. I would like to see stuff they've made. One of the reasons why I like the idea of this project so much, is I like to see what the little guys have done. I'll even play maps I know are horrible. Including Doomguy 2000 and the like. By the way, I played your map. It was nifty. I had to kill the archvile with a shotgun because I didn't know there was a rocket launcher... :P
  3. My current and first map looks like this... I won't mess with textures much until the layout is done. Which is why the floor textures look crappy.
  4. I was already thinking it'd be cool to make maps. I guess I have to do it now. I have to learn really fast... oh well. If this project accepts troll maps, it'll accept mine. I already have an idea of what I want to do.
  5. Zellonous

    Scream Blood

    It is possible to beat this map without cheating, however, it's very hard. I had 5 shotgun shells left at the end. I had to make a Cyber and the Spidermastermind infight. Used the rest of my ammo on the spider and the last Cyber. Killed EVERYTHING else with berserk fist. That's the hard way of winning. The easy way is to simply turn around and "use" the wall, because this map is a poorly made piece of shit. 1/5
  6. Zellonous

    Death Arsenal

    Good stuff. My main complaint is the BFG. It isn't as good at single targets as the original one is. However, I would say the rest of the weapons make up for it. They would be good to use in a mod with powerful monsters, as they're all overpowered for normal Doom monsters..
  7. Zellonous

    Rust in Peace

    You start in a room with a bunch of guys facing you. Not knowing there's a chaingun behind you. So you'll probably die in the first room the first time. On top of that, there's not nearly enough ammo for the chaingun. I didn't play very far, because I'm not confident in my PUNCHING skills. 2/5
  8. Zellonous

    ChiselFest 2004

    Chik! Chok! XD -1/5
  9. Zellonous


    Interesting. 2/5
  10. Zellonous

    Super War

    What's all this about impossible and rising lost soul count? I just beat with 100% in 13:30. Most of that was running around mopping up the Keens. One reason the count rises is because of the arch viles. Other than that, easy. Very easy. 3/5 because it doesn't suck any more than Nuts.
  11. Zellonous


    I'm going to give this 2/5 because it's not entirely stupid. It's pretty shitty... but whatever.
  12. Zellonous


    Not a lot of variety. So many are the same, just different sounds and sprites. So-called "magnums" are just shotguns. Some are just copies of other Doom engine games. Some have moronic animation (Shotguns loading shells instead of cocking...). Some ARE good though. I would definitely use this as resource, not for playing straight up. 2/5
  13. Zellonous

    John Carmack's Adventure in Hell

    Total piece of shit. Terry's wads are better.
  14. Zellonous


    The guy above me exaggerates a lot. The level is not straight forward, but it's certainly not a level filled with backtracking and searching. This map is decent enough, but it's not pretty. There are numerous texture misalignments. Including doors with textures too small for them. There isn't much detail and usually no separator between different textures. The gameplay, however, is decent. There is plenty of ammo and restoratives. I enjoyed it. 2.5/5 but I can't do decimals, so 3/5
  15. Zellonous


    I loved it. 5/5