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  1. BigDickBzzrak

    Horizon effect in vanilla (only)!

    Note: this effect currently works only in Chocolate Doom and Doom Legacy, as it relies on an obscure nodebuilder hack. So how to make it? It's actually very simple. 1. change your nodebuilder to BSP. (in DB2: press F6, select your configuration, click the "nodebuilder" tab and change the nodebuilder to BSP) 2. Make a square room or whatever, it can be of any complexity. The ceiling flat is preferably F_SKY1, but anything will do. 3. Now the cool part. Pick a horizon linedef, I think it should be 1-sided. Change its offsets to (180, 0), set its tag to 999. 4. Get psyched, run the map. 5. ??? 6. H O R I Z O N ! Now you don't have to surround the playable area of your map with 15000 units to simulate the horizon! Yes! Yes! It's that cool! --------------------------------- Some peculiarities: 1. If the sector in front of the linedef is too tall, you will see a thin strip of its texture far in the distance (see the screenshot above). If you have a tall sky sector, make a thin sector on its edge with a height of 1 or so, then the strip will be unnoticeable. 2. The horizon linedef is still collidable, so it will block bullets/projectiles/players/everything. 3. You can do something similar with Boom's action 242, if you set the control sector's ceiling and floor to F_SKY1, IIRC. But this is obviously far better. Once more: Note: this effect currently works only in Chocolate Doom and Doom Legacy, as it relies on an obscure nodebuilder hack. DOS Boom 2.02 renders this properly only from some angles. All other ports I've tried display just a wall. I assume that some MBF enhancement breaks it. Kinda ironic, as it was (AFAIK) Lee Killough that added this effect to the BSP nodebuider! ---------------------------------- Now, why does this work? Let's refer to the BSP webpage: The 999 tag on a line makes the nodebuilder rotate the sidedef by the angle specified in the x offset. If the angle is 180, it will get flipped! As our line is 1-sided, there's nothing on the other side, so you get a cool flat bleeding effect! horizon.zip
  2. Hi so life's alright

    I'm incredibly lazy, like right now I should get to my genetics "homework", idk how to call it, assignment is too strong of a word

    I sleep a lot and cannot function properly unless I get literally 11 hours of sleep, a quite recent development since 8 used to be more than enough

    I've completed Half-Life 2 in the past few days, first new game I played in months if not years, I liked it a lot!

    Gaining new friends slowly but surely, it ain't hard folks!! Helps to pretend you're a bit more of a dummy than you actually are. I mean as a foreigner here I am already a bit of a dummy in the locals' eyes by default. 

    Really low on $$$ until I man up and find a job. I plan to do that after this semester so that I don't get too caught up during exams.

    Until then yeah I guess forced vegetarianism, and I'm already skinny as heck. Turns out my body spends over 3k calories per day. I can not afford to eat that much.


    Is this really that adult life people talk about? Sometimes I can't really wrap my head around the fact that I'm a person with my own will now. Like I can do what I want, for real. I mean unless we count buying stuff right now. Weird stuff, really weird stuff, even weirder when you consider that everyone probably went through this


    Btw looking at my 11 warning points on the left sidebar brings me back to the good old days when i still gave a shit about the internet, thanks @Linguica it's appreciated from this distance! I wish I still got that excited about stuff that don't even exist in reality. FFS I was 14 when I registered here, now I'm close to goddamn 19 years old what the FUCK, those two are barely even the same person anymore

    LMAO I even still have 4x more profile views than new people with 4x bigger postcounts, this place really became boring without me I see! 


    How are you all doing?

    1. Doomkid


      How are you BuzzRack?


      11 hours to function? That’s harsh man, any idea why? This is why I’m glad I live in COMMUNIST Australia, I can go to the dr and have shit like that checked out without selling my house. Hopefully that’s possible in your area of Europastan.


      Its good to make friends ofc but be weary of the ones you have to “dumb down” to hang around, it gets draining after a while, when you’re OLD AND GREY ON 30’S EDGE you’ll be tired of it. Or maybe not idk lol just saying how it went for me. All of the friends I keep nowadays are able to talk about things beyond the surface level BS and it’s much better


      Sometimes I can't really wrap my head around the fact that I'm a person with my own will now

      U need to let will go, forced captivity is frowned upon in several counties.


      imagine waiting til ur an old ass 14 year old to join the community lol


      Good to hear from you, man. I hope you land a job soon and start making some money, then it actually will be that adult life thing you’ve been told so much about. Also you really shouldn’t need 11 hours, memes aside that’s still a shitload. It could be down to development though, I recently read that people in their teens and early 20’s crave sleep because of the energy that gets put towards growth/development. Something along those lines, anyway.

  3. Life's still good, started uni and all, how about you all?

    Kinda lonely tho since I don't have that many friends here yet, but hopefully it'll be alright

    1. reflex17


      doing OK, been getting back into Doom mapping again lately, which is always good.


      what are you taking? good luck with your studies.

    2. BigDickBzzrak


      @reflex17 hey that's nice, I hope you'll pump out something badass. Matter of fact I'm certain you will


      I'm taking Ecology and Environmental protection, thanks I'll need it a lot. :]

    3. reflex17


      That's a good subject to study, the world needs it, from what I can tell. I still remember when recycling became a big thing in the early 90's and I'm pretty sure as a species we haven't done the best job since then. 


      Anyways thanks for the kind words, take care and all the best.



  4. I kinda miss this guy

  5. Lmao people still go onto my profile, why? 


    Also I'm doing fine in case you are wondering, I hope the same applies to you all


    1. bluegreg


      What the literal fuck,

      Is this fucking shit.

    2. wallabra


      Sweet! Nice to know that ^^

  6. I took over this CP from DoomLover234, so here's the new thread! The idea of this community project is that every participant is limited to 4 wall textures and 4 floor ones (plus a couple more, but that's not the point). That restriction forces them to think differently, more abstractly, more focused on the gameplay than on the super-mega-hyper overdetailing. LINK to beta 7: https://www.mediafire.com/?9d4sepybe83ac2l (5,7 MB, 24 maps, still in no order) beta 6: Everybody who has claimed slots, please post in this thread if you're still working on your maps! Rules: (somewhat outdated) Goal: MAPLIST: old thread
  7. Hey guys, accidentally logged on again


    Anyway i'm probably not gonna hang around here anymore because this place has been inhaling Richard recently


    In case you wanna talk to me (understandable considering how badass I am) hit me up on Discord where I do log in semi-regularly



    Xeep-eep is also my username on doomer boards which i used as a cheap camouflage against getting banned on here, but now as i don't care at all, might as well say it


    Feels nice to actually be done with this chapter in my life after 3 years, thanks for everything


    Farewell and keep on Doomin', blastoise over and out




    these are my last map scraps. if you feel like making a full map out of these, feel free to do so. I feel like they deserve being finished as I was definitely onto something when making them.





    @Linguica and @Ichor you are my fav admins, love you (no homo tho)


    1. riderr3


      Well, I think that now the Texture Extravaganza project can get a new leader.

    2. Catpho


      Cya bzz. Best of wishes to wherever you go next :)

    3. wallabra


      See you! We will miss you! ;-;

  8. I logged on back because I heard @Doom Marine was back


    What an epic dude


    How are you dudes doing? 


    1. bluegreg
    2. The_MártonJános


      Hey pal.
      Please leave me a reply and/or go to Discord because I have incredible news on the you-know-what. :]

    3. KVELLER


      I was starting to miss you :)

  9. Tried Hawaiian pizza about a week ago. It's nice.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. KVELLER


      Haha yeah, people tend to over exaggerate things from time to time. Like I said, I think the combination is weird, but if someone gives me one of those for free I'll happily eat it :P

    3. The_MártonJános


      I'd digest a Hawaiian much before one that has 'shrooms on it, which I truly detest.

    4. KVELLER


      Really? Mushrooms barely have any taste.

  10. Hmm

    MAP01 (26).png

    1. 42PercentHealth


      Hey, cut the mapper a little slack. At least he/she used the green-face-with-red-eyes texture appropriately.

    2. Catpho


      Yo, small question, you are playing this on Doom Retro?

    3. BigDickBzzrak
  11. Hi, so I slept 10 hours last night but I still feel kinda tired, like my body isn't tired but my brain is. Like I'm acting super dumb and super slow, as I usually do when I'm sleepy. (when I'm not, I'm just plain dumb and slow AS YOU MIGHT HAVE GUESSED) 


    My sleep schedule is normally kinda insufficient but fairly consistent and I put effort into keeping it that way.  (2230 plus minus half an hour till 0645, last night I went to sleep at 2105 though)

    I don't have insomnia or anything, I usually fall asleep immediately after going to bed. 


    What to do, should I sleep more? Less??? Drink more water or something? Fall asleep to rain sounds?????? What do you recommend? 

  12. Helloooooooooooooo? 

  13. So apparently the weebs have come up with an extension to the "Spooktober" thing and apparently it's a challenge where you have to draw a different gore-related anime art every day?????


    Damn weebs should be exterminated. 

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    2. BigDickBzzrak






      Ok I'll stop now

    3. Memfis


      I think drawing gore and looking at it can be a good therapeutic experience sometimes. I've noticed for example that animal corpses found on the street used to disturb me, but now they almost give me a peaceful feeling. By getting closer to the darker sides of this world and gradually accepting them as a natural part of it I find myself worrying less about trifle things, and even about tragedies. It's just easier to live if you expose yourself to unpleasant things instead of hiding from them in fear.

    4. SOSU


      And i'm just edgy :D

  14. Why am I enjoying this a lot Just out of curiosity and with no malicious intent, have you ever actually played a Terry wad? I'm not talking the troll shit that deletes your homework or the shit that Aquarius199 plays in packs of 8, but the actually meaningful stuff that required a lot of effort and was put together by a devoted team of people? E.g. UAC Military Nightmare or B4NM. Some ideas in wads like that can be absolutely genius. Unless you're some sort of Doom nazi that requires that all wads have 3 new palettes, 1400 unique textures on each level, perfect setpiece encounter pacing and 37000 sidedefs per map while remaining Boom-compatible, you could totally enjoy stuff like that.
  15. Good to see you posting again scifista42!


  16. BigDickBzzrak

    Future technology

    How the hell did you manage to see this in his post Please describe your thought flow in detail as I'm genuinely interested
  17. BigDickBzzrak

    What the fuck's a nodebuilder?

    For vanilla: BSP (the nodebuilder called "BSP") has this thing where if you tag a line with a tag between 901 and 998, you... uh... make it do some stuff that very much helps in avoiding vanilla limits. I think it excludes it from the blockmap or something??????? Really not sure, but the point is: it helps. Also I discovered that it can do this: And in general, it's way way more friendly if you do crazy-ass vanilla hack stuff.
  18. BigDickBzzrak

    So, how old are you ?

    An adult in exactly half a year Hahahah, crazy, I know!
  19. BigDickBzzrak

    Where is Dr. Sleep?

    Damn I knew what it is when I saw this thread bumped again RIP Dr Sleep
  20. BigDickBzzrak

    Most awkward thing to ever happen to you

    Wow hahahahahhah a dude who's making an effort to speak your language, so that your uneducated American ass would understand him, doesn't put enough effort into it LET'S MAKE FUN OF HIM YESSSS THAT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO
  21. BigDickBzzrak

    Share a random fact about yourself

    山卄卂... 山卄卂丅????
  22. BigDickBzzrak

    Most awkward thing to ever happen to you

    You contradict yourself here Anyway in 7th grade I was kinda weird and really socially anxious and all the other stuff people go thru at 12 So there was this girl in my class that I kinda liked but she really pissed me off for some reason as well. So I would kinda express that out loud. This went on during 7th grade and a part of 8th. Yeah that was cringe but at least I grew out of it and turned out to be the badass I am today, I regret nothing Thank god I'm not that autistic anymore
  23. BigDickBzzrak

    Favorite thing about the Doom games?

    Slaughtermaps obviously There's something so rewarding about slaughtering thousands of cyberdemons with a two bfg blasts and flexing on all these n00bs who can't do that and instead just whine all day and shit up this forum 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 get good Also yes I just used an emoji
  24. BigDickBzzrak

    Dumb Stuff You Believed When You Were a Kid

    Of course you knew what a sprite was as a kid Their bfs probably believe the same now Lol, in my language the term for raisin is literally "dried grape" O O F
  25. Disagreed Pineapple on pizza is acceptable