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22 files

  1. Phobos: The Doomed Moon

    Oldschool early 2000's style of maps that Is meant to be played with ZDoom at screen resolution 320x200 to give it that old computer pixel look. But can use whatever engine you want, Maybe even use some mods with It, your choice.

    Alternate high quality song included as a separate file (PhobDoomMus.wad) replacing E1M8's track but a MIDI version exists for everyone else.


       (2 reviews)


  2. Passage

    Explore a familiar retail store in an unfamiliar setting.


       (1 review)


  3. Quarantine Breach

    A single map replacement for UDoom, made during a spark of inspiration in using the "containment area" theme.


       (18 reviews)


  4. Retribution: Part I

    My very first WAD and mod project. It took me a very long time and was often slow and painful but I did my very best to make this possible. The WAD contains a huge, non-linear map that focuses on atmosphere and exploration. It was made for Doom 1 because I wanted to make a vanilla map using only stock resources (with the exception of music) and Doom 2 lacks a lot of Doom 1 textures. Part 2 and Part 3 coming soon! Part 2 is about 50% complete. To run, drag the WAD and DEH files into your favorite executable (but you probably already knew that)


       (5 reviews)


  5. Prototype

    Episode 4 is my favorite episode of Ultimate Doom, so I decided to start making my own mapset for it. I originally planned to make all 9 maps but unfortunately work got in the way, so here we are with 4 (Technically 5) maps.


       (12 reviews)


  6. Path to Hell

    Path to Hell is a middle/big level, it takes around 30 minutes, hope you like it :)


       (4 reviews)


  7. The Phobos Directive

    Nine-map hub based on previously released Phobos Revisited for doom.exe. New enemies, weapons upgrades, music, inventory items, powerups, graphics, sounds, etc. The game is mission-driven and has multiple objectives. A real-time mission roster helps you to navigate the hub. Extensive use of GZDooM features. Replayability features: Several maps in the hub can be played through in any order; In many areas, the type of ammo, weapon upgrades, and enemies you encounter will change with the weapons you have


       (54 reviews)


  8. Phobos Massacre

    A replacement for Episode 1 of DOOM, in E1 style. This wad is an attempt to capture the atmosphere of "Knee Deep in the Dead" and to evoke nostalgia in players who enjoyed the original DOOM levels.

    The maps are meant to be reminiscent of Episode 1 of the original DOOM, which also means they are under-detailed by today's standards and are quite easy, like the original DOOM was. If you want more challenge, try nightmare difficulty and see how long you last.

    I included a batch file, phobmass.bat, which you can use if you run ZDOOM 2.4.1. The batch file sets flags which make ZDOOM handle like old-school DOOM, with no freelook or jumping, which is how this wad should be played.


       (28 reviews)


  9. Simply Phobos

    Simply Phobos is an Episode 1 replacement for Doom. This is an upgrade that fixes a few bugs from the original release and has improved music.


       (63 reviews)


  10. Some evil Outpost

    A quick random speedmap I made out of sheer bordom on New Years day.


       (10 reviews)


  11. Phobos Reloaded E1M1

    Phobos Reloaded was originally going to be a megawad remake of E1. I never got around to it too much and only completed this one map before trashing the project. It was originally planned for Vanilla (and runs fine with it too) but you're better off with ZDoom to get past the visplane overflows.


       (12 reviews)


  12. Hell Keep Remake

    Remake of Hell Keep which is a much more realistic design than the original map. I made this from scratch using complete memory and nothing is modified from the original. The map is designed to look more like a real keep than a rather stupid sand castle, etc. Gameplay is easy to medium in difficulty on UV.


       (35 reviews)


  13. Run And Shoot

    This is an action level.


       (15 reviews)


  14. PstLevX


       (1 review)



    Death Tormention 3, complete Episode 4 replacement for Ultimate Doom. If you thought the original Death Tormention episodes were hard, well think again!. DT3 takes Ultimate Dooming to an all new level when it comes to challenge, architecture and gameplay. Bought to you by Paul Corfiatis (Ulverstone, Tasmania) and Kristian Aro (Helsinki, Finland).

    Your mission is to escape from hell, and board a spaceship to destroy some big Spiders. Getting past Carmen is simple, but getting through the body of Satan is alot more demanding. The further you go, the darker it gets in DT3 until you end up in Space. But will you be lost in Space when you get up there??

    You now have everything to worry about because you are gonna get ya bitchy arse ripped to shreds for all time in DT3 complete with huge levels, evil architecture, darkness and virtually no computer technology. At least there is some electricity to keep indoor areas dimly lit.


       (49 reviews)


  16. Phobos Strike

    The old Phobos map I did back in January.


       (11 reviews)


  17. Real

    This is my first serious(?) WAD. It started a long time ago (1998), when I decided to make something more serious than TsotsoFX (Which got a rather "funny" review at doomworld ;) I started with Deu, with a theme of a base inside a rocks and caves, the player starting from a cave with dead human bodies and destroyed walls. Then I had to remove some ugly detail which also caused a visplane error and much later I continued the project with Doom Builder.

    Well, now this thing doesn't even load with the old engine of Doom, however I use Zdoom anymore, so I didn't even bothered to search what it is.

    The level ended preety weird, some areas are full of monsters, some random rooms here and there (Like I was bored and wanted to finish with this WAD fast, designed some boring empty rooms and filled it with monsters ;P). It doesn't have any consistent theme anymore as I originally planned..

    But there are some preety nice stuff that you should check. First, there are many diferrent ways to go through the level (non linear). There are two diferrent ways to get the secrets at the two pillars near the beginning. Areas are connected via many diferrent ways, many walls at some caves must be shot to reveal new secrets (might be kinda annoying for someone to search I think now, but search for jagged walls)

    There are few nice rooms I love (like the big sea, harbor with pillars, final areas (with a dighole in the end and the sign of Epsilon Team to end the level (What an absurd idea I had ;P)))

    And especially the mighty easter egg!!! Search for the rocks near the sea and you will open a place where I used some additional graphics and a scrolling set of 1 length linedefs to produce the effect of moving sinus rasterbars (like in the old C64 and Amiga demos) plus two scrollers in parallax. I have more ideas for some tricky stuff with new gfx and scrolling textures for the future..

    That was long. I am used to writting bigger texts than the usual ;P

    p.s. And not to forget. In the very beginning you have to shoot the rocky wall near the one barrel to go on.. (Might be annoying with those shooting walls, not gonna do it again ;)


       (6 reviews)


  18. Phobos: Small


       (7 reviews)


  19. Doom Redemption

    A 'tribute' to Doom 1. All the styles of episodes 1, 2, 3 (and even 4) squished into a 9 map episode.

    This wad doesn't use any ZDoom features that are not seen in the original doom, except for HUD messages at the start of each level, and of course the features that come with Hexen format maps.


       (34 reviews)



    An episode replacement for E1 of Ultimate Doom. The story is included in Story.html


       (186 reviews)


  21. Romero's UV E1 LMP recordings

    This is a set of recordings John Romero did for the last day of the "E1 Week" at doomcenter.com. Since the link to the demos has been dead for a long time and I got no reply from bigdog (the doomcenter webmaster) I decided to upload them, as people wanted to see them. They are worth saving for historical purposes as well!


       (5 reviews)


  22. The Parallel Dimension 1.8


       (3 reviews)


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  • File Reviews

    • By PsychEyeball · Posted
      The most avant-garde Doom will ever get. Obviously not a WAD for everyone, the core target for such a mod is mainly people who are in video game glitches, corruptions and to some extent, creepypastas (whether that love is ironic or not). Nothing works as it is supposed to. You can hardly understand most of the things that are happening to you. Some of the custom monsters (like the hitscanning corrupted pinky) will put you on edge and keep you paranoid about the ruleset of the game.   The aesthetic of lilith.pk3 is one of a kind, horribly mangling the rendering engine of old ZDoom beyond belief to disform sprites, textures, text and even sound effects. The end result makes close to no sense, your Doom marine sprite is heavily dislocated and looks more like one of those creatures from Alien than a human being and the list goes on and on. The confused looks obviously doesn't always make for clean or concise gameplay, especially in later levels which crank the confusion up to eleven and manipulate the level geometry to do things you thought weren't possible in the game. Even basic things like crushers, slime pits or a turnstile look horribly out of shape and makes the player uncomfortable.   This is essentially what lilith boils down to: an unfamilarity to something we thought we knew by heart, a rising sense of uncomfort as the level design makes less and less sense and offering the player a new perspective on what Doom is. Don't play lilith expecting top-notch Doom gameplay, but play it for the one of a kind experience it offers you. For the better and for the worse, there are no WADs like lilith anywhere and there will never be.
    • By Skittle · Posted
      I think that the combination between shotgun and chaingun combat, and the hitscanner shootouts this WAD offers are really fun and engaging. Pinky Demons are placed in areas where they're not frustrating, (The opposite being something I see very often, nice work Romero :P.) My only issue with this WAD is that one or two of the secrets, specifically those found in the darkened tech room, are sort of esoteric. The one where you have to jump from a platform isn't the worst, but the one for the Mega-Armour is annoying and in my opinion, unfair to find.   Despite these small issues, I think that Phobos Mission Control is an excellent and exciting level to run through, and I applaud Romero for returning to the Doom Community to make new levels.
    • By top10epicfails · Posted
      this wad SAVED MY MARRIAGE. 3/5
    • By finnaboing · Posted
      LOCAL DINGUS PLAYS EVERY SINGLE DOOMER BOARDS PROJECT PART 2: CIRCLE OF CAINA SP   (if you don't know what the Doomer Boards Projects are, here's the Doom Wiki article on them)   The next installment of the Doomer Boards Projects, April 2018's Circle of Caina SP, helmed once again by 40oz, is a notable step up from its predecessor. Inspired by FraGMarE's "icy deathmatch map" of the same name (y'know, minus the "SP"), it's a set of eight levels based around a wintry theme and it single-handedly got me excited for the rest of this series.   First and foremost, this WAD looks incredible. Every arena feels very distinct from the last - none of these fights blend in with one another and they're all the better for it. 40oz chose an amazing resource pack for that month, with the textures being perfectly suited for the cold, jagged landscapes. Normally, I either wouldn't notice the blockiness of the terrain because I'm so used to it in Doom or I'd dock points for it, but here, it works so well with the vibes of each map that I honestly love it. I'm already partial to ice/snow levels in video games for a ton of reasons, so this WAD going all in with the lighting and icy aesthetics makes me so happy. The music choices are also perfect (other than Hell Revealed MAP16's MIDI for "Cold Shoulder" for some reason but it's not that out-of-place), with a lineup of classic MIDIs that also happen to evoke that chilly feeling.   That's not to say it's all style and no substance, though - even if the fights do feel like they have a less intense bite overall than MoM, there are a lot more tricky "gotcha!" moments here that really keep you on your toes for longer. Each new arena feels dynamic and well thought-out (even the random pop-up monsters in MAP08 that feel a bit forced in but still work somehow even though you got a free BFG (the only BFG in the set, if I'm not mistaken) in the first room and plenty of cells along the way so it doesn't even really matter but whatever). The whole WAD flows super well, too, and lends itself very well to marathon sessions. Each map has a degree of momentum that keeps everything moving at an enjoyable pace.   I found the ammo balance to be a lot more generous than Monuments of Mars for this one too. I don't know if I'd necessarily say that means this WAD is "easier," but it feels a lot more beginner-friendly (as in, me. that's me. I'm beginner) and makes fights feel a lot fairer. Outside of MAP07, "Below Zero," being WAY harder than every other map in the set (and almost every map in DBP1, for that matter), the difficulty stays pretty consistent throughout. MAP01 starts out really simple and minimalistic, MAP08 is a bit of mini-slaughter, you know, the usual.   For me, the show-stealer is MAP05, "Frosty Cream Glade." It is maybe one of the greatest Doom maps I've ever played. It doesn't look like much when you first see it, but the way everything is so interconnected and how clever yet simple the encounters are and how pretty the visuals are and how the nonlinearity of the map lets you tackle the encounters in almost any order you want so it feels a lot more personalized and how the map's layout means that part of the puzzle is figuring out how to get where you want to go and the indirect signposting is so well-done that you're probably guaranteed to find it but it still feels satisfying AAAAAAAAA I love this map it's so good. If there's one's map you need to play from this set, it's "Frosty Cream Glade." The AUDACITY of supercupcaketactics to use the MIDI from Scythe 2 MAP21 and somehow completely justify its placement is something I aspire to.   This WAD's far from perfect - 40oz's maps can be underwhelming, some of the levels' freeform nature greatly hurt their pacing ("Cold Shoulder"), they take FOREVER to give you a rocket launcher (you don't get one until MAP04, that's annoying), MAP04 and MAP08 use the exact same MIDI which is really jarring when you play MAP08 for the first time, and for whatever reason MAP05's exit is tagged as a secret even though it's not hidden at all and is required - but I'm getting nitpicky. Circle of Caina SP is a fantastic set of levels from some highly talented people working with a theme that I'm already a huge fan of. Definitely a WAD to check out if you've got a few hours to spare.   OVERALL RATING: 8/10 FAVORITE MAP: MAP05 - "Frosty Cream Glade" (by supercupcaketactics) LEAST FAVORITE MAP: MAP03 - "Some Other Circle" (by 40oz) (it's not terrible by any means but it feels kinda meh compared to the other maps) HARDEST MAP (for me at least): MAP07 - "Below Zero" (by 40oz) MAP YOU SHOULD PLAY FIRST IF YOU WANT A SAMPLER: MAP01 - "The Chill Before The Thrill" (by noisyvelvet)
    • By BoxY · Posted
      Horribly glitchy and impossible to see or do anything in the game. Literally every single texture is glitched out, only thing that works normally is the shooting sounds. 5/5