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    Not recommend, this map is made of 2 rectangular mazes and few bigger rooms. Mazes are confusing even with automap. Only one area is intresting, but overall meh. Progression is also confusing. I didn't make through this without help of map editor. 1.5/5*
    Comparing to others wads from 95, this one is pretty nice detailed. There are some minor texturing issues mostly next to stairs. Overall it's looks nice. But all others parts are screwed up. Map is very cramped. Rooms are small and corridors narrow. Monsters are weak, provides no challange. Gameplay is mostly switch hunt, including unmarked switch on the left on kind of hidden corridor with exit sign. Map is short, if you won't stuck like me you may do it in few minutes. Also I found a bug: damaging floor in secret area which clearly shouldn't hurt. Overall: Why I'm writing so much about kinda crappy wad from over 23 years?? 2.5/5*
    Incredible! Must play! Almost every texure, sprite and flat were replaced. Maps are really nice designed and detailed (for 1995). Ambient sound, sometimes phrases from the movie (i think, I've seen Alien long ago) Few types of aliens, great atmosphere, scarce ammo muliplies sense of threat. what else to say? But there some bugs (sadly not only facehuggers, which doesn't hug)... I don't know if bugs come out from GZDoom, or I messed up but: Aliens which throw acid still has sound of imp, some railings are messed up and fly near the ceiling. Saddly there's no exit from final level (E2M8), because author used Alien which is Mastermind replacement, not cyberdemon. Secret level is SO BAD... It is punishment for nosiness. Map is large undetailed maze with ugly texturing. Moreover this is triggerhunt, you have to find a line which opens more of maze. Better don't find this shit. Overall, except secret level this is really great adventure, but not without a flaws. 4.5/5*
    Some missing textures, weird maze. Not sure if author tried to make multilevel illusion or not but anyway he screw up. 2.5/5*
    Map is made correct, but short, bland, plain, nothing more than some rooms filled with monsters opened one after another.
    Impressive features for 95 wad, but it is made by good engineer but no artist. Ladders, map with indicators which switch left to find, great concepts. But ladders are glitchy (in GZDoom) player and monsters sometimes getting stuck in floor. It's a shame that gameplay is bad. Starts in the room filled with mostly hitscanners (infighting gets almost 40 of them), vaults filled with ammo. Visuals: 2/5 Gameplay: 2/5 Cool stuffs: 4/5
    Map is looking good in comparison to others 95 wads. Gameplay is ok, nowhere to get lost, nice traps etc. If you like classic maps, you should try it! 4/5*, becouse level is good, but nothing special.
    For its time in 95, is looking nice. But Gameplay is RUINED by switchhunt. If someone don't like archvilles, better dont touch it even with a stick ;) Anyway, I don't recommend to anybody. Going there and back again and again isn't fun at all.
    Desing is odd, but in that days in 95 not bad. But biggest issue is gameplay.difficulty level is screw up becouse of big amount of powerups and BFGs. Prossesion is also crap caused by unmarked secrets needed to get a key. Overall 1.5/5*
    Very good map! Well design, nice looking. Ammo is very low, but doable. I didn't manage to get 100% kills, becouse I ran out of ammo, but luckly I get to exit in one piece. It's fun even now after 23years! In other hand it's not best wad from 95. 4.5/5*
    Better than JAX01, but still not good enough. Gameplay is very repetitive, again hordes of enemies, but this time you can feel some kind of nonlinearility, and few areas are intresting. 2/5
    Bland, rectangular design. Monsters are easy, very unsatisfactionary placment of BFG (near start), but it wasn't even useful becouse the hardest enemy was baron. In 95 there were much beter wads.
    This map is ugly. Shitload of enemies, tighly packed in all over the place. Gameplay is litterally go forward and never release the trigger. But it is playable. 1.5/5*
    Well, as someone's 1st wad from 95 it's not bad. Very plain and very few details, some aras without any reason, monsters are very easy, no armour included (or I didn't find any). And I love chaingunners traps, when suddenly come out a horde of cgguys and no cover. But it's common in that era, I think.
    Wow! This wad is incredible! I've neved seen so many gliches and bugs in one short map! I even managed to stuck in a lift. Instead of lifting me up, I stand on same level, but walls arise and closed me in HOM cage. I really recomend to play this piece of crap, it is amezing how it is possible to screw wad. I regret you can't no longer give 0 stars :(