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  1. If you don't know, I'm a collector of old computer shit. I have an old Yamaha Midi Keyboard that has its own OS and sound chip inside- with a small boot disk. I immediately made images and backups of the original and used copies. Good thing I did. Because today, when booting, I heard a very bad "scratch" sound. to my horror, something from the inside of the floppy disk had gotten into the fabric and scratched the soft readable goodness off a section of the disk-- So much that I can see through it.

    The problem is this: this is a brand new floppy disk, and with all my workings with computers, it seems that floppy disks are getting shittier and shittier as time goes by. not in age, but in performance with NEW floppy disks-this one lasted maybe a month before it died, while old floppies from the apple //e era still work. What the hell?

    On another note, CD-Rs are also getting shittier. the labels come off easily, some never burn correctly, and one Memorex brand CD-R failed to work in all of my CD Burners. Funny, I used to equate Memorex with quality VHS Cassettes. Why does Removable storage in 2008 have to suck so bad?

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    2. leileilol


      1. Get old computer with reliable floppy drive and DOS (and I mean the real thing)
      2. Install VGA COPY on it
      4. Insert disk, read it entirely with VGA copy
      5. During progress, use your inhaler (I know you have a prescription, dork)
      6. If bad sector are present, eject disk, open disk, blow disk, close disk
      7. repeat step 4 until all bad sectors are eliminated

    3. alexz721


      I haven't noticed any decline in quality. If anything, storage is better. I used to be annoyed because it was a good chunk of money to pay if a fourth of them were bound to get fucked up, but now disks and cds are so cheap in bulk it's ok if I lose a few.

      Now if they can just get hard drives above 400 GB to be more stable...

    4. Technician


      Gokuma said:

      Boycott Memorex. They make the most horrible defective shit I've ever dealt with it, in spite of never buying their CD-Rs myself.

      It's the only brand of recordable media a trust. Sure I get a few defective disks per bunch but for a hundred disks per twenty bucks it's a bargain.

      The only other media I trust is Maxell.