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32in24-9: Return of DUEL CORE! - Final bugfixed release on page 5!

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That's right, ladies and gentlemen, today marks the glorious return of the successful 32in24 megawad-in-24-hours series! Over the next 24 hours we'll be making deathmatch maps for 1-on-1 (i.e. duel) gameplay. That means rather small layouts, not whatever gigantic overblown speckledorphs you lilly-livered varmints are calling duel maps in this misguided day and age!

We've got a smaller-than-usual resource wad put together with all the textures from Ultimate Doom plus a couple of other tidbits you may or may not find useful! Be sure to grab the texture wad to avoid bugs in your map, even if you're content to stick with Doom2.wad stuff, because this includes all the original Ultimate Doom switch textures that in Doom2 were for whatever reason turned into identical 128x128 brown96 ones.

Here's the full list of rules:
- Maps will be accepted from 00:00 until 24:00 Eastern time, December 20th. (That's midnight to midnight, for those simple folk in the audience.)
- Small deathmatch maps made for two players.
- Use Doom2 as your iwad, and load the texture wad to avoid switch bugs.
- Make your maps Boom compatible. None of that fancy-pants stuff.
- Custom music is allowed.
- Other custom resources are NOT allowed.
- Don't put exits in your maps.
- Keep it simple! These are speedmaps; focus on making fun layouts above all else.
- Supporting jumping in your maps is encouraged, but keep in mind that not all ports handle jumping physics in the same way. (Some jumps that are possible in Skulltag are not possible in other ports.)
- If you don't have file hosting, upload to speedyshare.com. Don't use anything that has wait times to download.

Feel free to join us in #32in24 on irc.oftc.net for discussion and fun.

The clock is ticking; go make some maps!

edit: Minor bugfix for the texture wad, I had accidentally made support4 24-wide, which most Doom ports will draw incorrectly. Fixed version is online in the same place.

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Damn, I came home at the right time, haha. Fucked on acid... let's see if I can map haha. Oooooohhhhhhhh shitttt.... this will be fun!!!!

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Well timezones can be a bit rough :(

When I saw the starting post I wasn't home so penned a layout and made it now. I've got to bail for work so I'm posting it unfinished - hoping if anyone see's promise in it and want's to finish it up. Has the main layout, weapons, power-ups and player starts. I've started giving it a doom1-ish style. Needs health packs, ammo and more detailing love. Heck if someone wants to chop it up go for it ;)



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There is no limit, so long as they are submitted in the 24 hour timeframe.

And even then...

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