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Games of the Decade

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So I just bought Hades and I've started a run 3 times, with the third I got past the first boss and to the second world, left it there to resume later.


And my impression of it is so positive I actually think it will likely be on my list too. Also, I'm really sceptical when it comes to roguelikes, so it takes some badass gameplay quality to really win me over (like for example, I don't like the Binding of Isaac at all because I don't think its remotely fun to play). Add in the use of Greek mythology in the way it does and I'm adoring it already. 

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I rarely play modern games with only a few exceptions. Dark Souls is definitely one of the most notable one's however Bloodborne surpasses it for me. Even after ~50 builds, 1000 hours of PvP/Coop and farming for the best Cursed/Abyssal gems it's still a blast to explore random chalices. Due to the multitude of False Depth, Triple or Quad Curse dungeons or other hacked versions, the game even nowadays has a ton of appeal to return ever so often. Imo the best this decade had to offer.

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My personal Top 5:


DOOM '16


Ori and the Blind Forest


Wolfenstein: The New Order

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1 hour ago, ReaperAA said:

Are the let's play available on twitch?


... not my own.


See YT for as many walkthrough series as you want :V .

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My top ten (Of the games I've played)


1: Fire emblem: Awakening

2: Shadow warrior 2 (Many people dislike this game, I think it's the best looter shooter ever)

3: Doom 2016

4: Subnautica

5: Fallout NV

6: Mass Effect 2

7: Prey (2017)

8: Sonic Mania

9: A Little Lily Princess (Best VN)

10: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Toss up between this and Hollow knight)

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It's a personal list. In no particular order.

A Hat in Time
Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson
Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni
Shin Megami Tensei IV
Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux
Super Meat Boy
Killzone Mercenary
Ion Fury
Shantae and The Pirate's Curse
Sonic Mania
Mighty Switch Force 2
Portal 2

And if I keep looking for games to add here this list will be super big, so I'll stop here.

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Hm... a toughie. I'll list my favorites below in no particular order.


-Hitman (2016)

-Dark Souls (Remastered)

-Portal 2

-Super Mario Odyssey


-The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

-Duck Game

-Rainbow Six: Siege


-Doom (2016)


-Super Smash Brothers Ultimate


Overall, lots of great games came out in the 2010s, it was actually pretty tough picking out the best of the best, as for my game of the decade, it might just be the Resident Evil 2 Remake, a late contender, but an excellent game. Then again, I'm not 100% sure.

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Super Mario Odyssey

Grand Theft Auto V


Amid Evil

Streets Of Rage Remake v5.1 (you're damn right I'm counting fangames)

Resident Evil 2

NieR: Automata

Portal 2

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Sonic Mania

WipEout Omega Collection (well, half of it was from 2012).

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Hmmm lets see. I seem to prefer shooters, rpgs and stuff in a sandbox.


Guild Wars II [2012]: There's so much I like about this game and I don't go for other MMO's at all. I've put a lot of hours into it. Not too long ago I got to play alongside a dev for about 15 minutes when I was running my ranger across the Crystal Desert, so that was cool. It's one of those games you can jump back into easily and it still looks pretty snazzy.


No Man's Sky [2016]: I think I was dreaming of a game like this since I played Asteroids back in the olde days of the Atari 2600. The initial release was a bit iffy with the state of the game not being what was promised and some gamers went a bit mental over it. At the time I sat back, drank some coffee and found enjoyment in it just the same. Hello Games has since patched the hell out of the game and released a ton of free content. This is one of those games I'll jump back into and play whenever I get that urge to fly from whatever planet I'm on and warp to a new system.


Skyrim [2011]: It's been that long? So many awesome waterfalls. Climbing up the wrong side of High Hrothgar by intense bunny hopping. Sniping draugar while they're still laying in their resting places. Sucking the souls out of a dragon or two or more. Selling shit to a talking cat in a tent. Running like fuck from a bear and a saber cat. Plus all those cool mods... Good times.


Minecraft [2009]: I had no intentions of ever playing this. It looked a bit odd to me. Then one day my friend wants me to play with him and offers to buy me the game. Turns out this is actually a pretty fun game and I spent more time making stuff that no longer exists because servers get shut down and shit. Still, it was all pretty fun and I jump into my SP world every now and then, plus I have a resource pack I'm working on....


Fallout 4 [2015]: I played Fallout 3 so much, I retired it. New Vegas was fun. My character hates the name of those Powder Ganger morons so they always get shot on sight. haha. I'm still not done with Fallout 4 because I bought the DLC when it was on sale and never got to play that stuff. It's always a good time dragging one of those mirelurk queens into a bandit slum... fun stuff.


Prey [2017]: Currently playing this and thoroughly enjoying it. Sweet graphics. Interesting story. Nice maps. Cool enemies. Certainly one of the best games I've played recently. It's been a long time since I spent an entire Saturday just playing a single game and not messing with any other distractions. Good stuff.


Torchlight II [2012]: Played it, then played it again with the SynergiesMod that adds a pile of stuff. Love the art direction here for sure. Overall it seems pretty simple yet I find it's so much fun.


Doom [2016]: Overall I think it's great. I certainly like it better than Doom 3.


Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen [2016]: Think this is one I have to get back to and play again soon. Lots of battles and places to explore with nice graphic and pawns and stuff.


Wrath: Aeon of Ruin [2019]: Hey it's still in early access so there's only a couple playable maps for the time being. I have a feeling it's going to be one hell of a full release.

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My personal favourite games of the decade in no particular order include:


- Mass Effect 3

- Portal 2

- Ion Fury

- Doom 2016

- GTA 5

- Assassin's Creed Origins

- Far Cry 3

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I've barely played any new games that came out in this decade hilariously enough. I do have a few though.


Doom (2016) though not fully played through it.

Unless you don't count a port, then I'd happily say Radiant Silvergun for the 360, can't get enough of it.

Black Mesa is a perfect example on how to do a remake, and Xen looks so stunning!

And Rebuild 3, so much fun! Spending a week reclaiming a epic sized city is brilliant.

Sonic Mania, great nostalgia trip with homages with plenty of innovation still, absolute blast!

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Posted (edited)

A decade of gaming is massive, we're looking at entire game changers and industry trends of flipped multiple times. any who I'll give my pick per year.

2010: Halo Reach.

2011: DarkSouls, Mortal Kombat reboot is a close second for me. Of course portal 2 and skyrim were really impactful as well.

2012: Borderlands 2.

2013: GTAV.

2014: Wolfenstein: The New Order.

2015: MGSV: the phantom pain. The witcher 3 is a really close second, 2015 was another really good year in gaming.

2016: Doom'16. Overwatch was another really interesting release at the time.

2017: For me it was Prey, butt only because I was late to the party on Legend of Zelda breath of the wild, Which in my opinion was best game released in 2017.

2018: Destiny 2 forsaken.

2019: Sekiro. Apex was a very pleasant and very unexpected surprise. 2019 was a massive disappointment for me, Was supposed to be a massive year in gaming in a plethora of large wonderful titles was shit on with launcher wars, microtransaction up everything ass like stuffing in a turkey, I really thought 2019 was going to be a golden example of a year in games but really it felt like mostly a slap in the face.


Obviously there are many more wonderful titles, but it's really hard to narrow a decades worth of titles to Ten when so much has happened in an entire industry. I still need to catch up on certain ps4 exclusives and the recent red dead 2. I've been told many that I would love Blood Born. It's hard to put live service games Like Path of exile on this list because when many of them come out, they simply aren't good yet, by the time these games get good what "year" do they belong to?

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2010 - Sonic Colours

2011 - Sonic Generations

2012 - Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed

2013 - Grand Theft Auto V

2014 - Alien Isolation

2015 - Xenoblade Chronicles X

2016 - DOOM

2017 - Sonic Mania

2018 - Flashback 25th Anniversary Edition

2019 - Resident Evil 2

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"big" story-driven games:



The Evil Within




"small" action games:


Crimzon Clover

Strania: The Stellar Machina

Dariusburst AC

Raiden V


Mighty No. 9 (screw the haters, this game is great)


Strategy games:

Crusader Kings 2

Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes



Competitive multiplayer:

King of Fighters XIII

Unreal Tournament 4 Pre-alpha

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can't forget hitman, I love the original games(silent assassin-blood money(haven't tried the first because of the reviews)).

with absolution it seemed like it would just die out they they just sold out, but the new series (while having a bit of a different atmosphere and tone) got everything right gameplay wise.

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Oh I enjoyed way too many games this decade.

Bloodborne is my #1 but here are 9 others in no particular order:


Dishonored 2

Ion Fury

Persona 5



Dark Souls


Doom 2016

Monster Hunter World

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