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Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

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Demon Eclipse: Doorway to Abaddon (Episode 1) UV-Max demos (5 maps), GZDoom v1.8.2

Played in old GZDoom version because that's what I played it on back when it was released and I'm too lazy to check whether nothing breaks in this mapset in the newer versions.

Links to Youtube videos in textfiles. I'll upload the remaining 4 demos (and videos) on Tuesday.






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Wicked_1 UV Speed in :40.


Great non-linear layout, Rex Claussen's trademark. But when you know where the yellow key and the exit are, you can finish it quickly.
I don't think UV Max would be entertaining as the action is slow.


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Re-recording my 2013 GZDoom maxes for Epic has been on my to do list for a while and finally got around to it for maps 02, 03 & 05. Not sure if I'll bother with map04 so I did a bonus D2ALL max instead.




map02 UV-max in 8:47

map03 UV-max in 11:03

map05 UV-max 12:21

D2ALL UV-max in 38:29






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E1M1 - "Contagion" UV Fast in 1:36.37 (1:36)

E4M1 - "Inhuman Remains" UV Fast in 1:14.37 (1:14)





Been wanting to do Deathless for awhile since a friend recommended I play it recently as he played it on the Switch version not long ago.  Mostly through it and decided it would be great to do some runs!  I saw that there were not many if any UV -fast runs on the table for figured why not take things up a notch and be a pioneer?  These runs are fast and fun, and the -fast flag can make things tricky in unique ways.  I highly recommend anybody who has not play Deathless should do so, Jimmy knocked it out of the park in my opinion and I can't wait to see what he comes up with next! Also the shotgunners rising from the grave on E4M1 is a great touch.

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