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  1. M4rk3dF0rD347h

    Hell Arena: Hell in a huge demon pit.

    Awful MAP30 replacement. All it is is a giant square arena with endless monster spawning, no way to traverse the arena without god mode, and no way to complete the level. It also has an unspectacular .DEH file that makes some of the weapons fire faster and the Rocket Launcher and BFG slower (but stronger). The only reason I give it 1 star is because the new MAP30 music is pretty cool.
  2. M4rk3dF0rD347h

    A Great Day in Hell

    All it is is a long, randomly-textured hallway with a dozen cyberdemons in the far end and a bunch of pickups along the way. Even with a fully-loaded BFG, you won't be able to kill them all. Complete waste of time and memory. 0/5
  3. M4rk3dF0rD347h

    Hell Revealed II

    Another awesome map set, with new music to boot. Also really challenging, and pretty fun to play through (even though there are still a few confusing level layouts). Only play on Ultra-Violence if you're really into challenging gameplay (or you're a masochist). 4/5
  4. M4rk3dF0rD347h

    Hell Ground

    Amazing, amazing, amazing. That's the best way to describe this map set. The levels are big and very detailed, the music is very atmospheric (especially the 7th (last) level, and it's just the right amount of challenge. My only problem is that it's only 7 levels. Hey, Eternal. If you're reading this, make more! Make an extended version or maybe a sequel! 5/5
  5. M4rk3dF0rD347h

    War Zone

    Pretty decent weapon mod. I'm a little disappointed with the lack of a Super Shotgun and Chaingun replacement (I'm guessing the akimbo Uzis make up for that), but other than that, it's another well-done weapons mod. Good, but not great. 3/5
  6. M4rk3dF0rD347h


    Another decent single map, but for a 20th-anniversary I was expecting a more celebratory megawad, not just one level. Regardless, the layout's good, texturing's good and it's fairly challenging. Check it out if you like, but don't expect it to keep your attention for long. 3/5
  7. M4rk3dF0rD347h

    American Idol

    Pretty damn pointless, but at least the author made it clear from the very start. 0/5
  8. M4rk3dF0rD347h

    JOW: Jason Wainman's 30 Levels of Doom II

    This is a horrendous megawad. All of the levels are plagued with simplistic layouts, repetitive textures, constant backtracking and possibly the most annoying enemy I've encountered in Doom (Nazi soldiers that can resurrect fallen enemies). Apparently, the author does not know how to mark secret sectors, because not a single level has any secrets. I see the author hasn't made a new wad in 16 years. I say that's for the best. 0/5
  9. M4rk3dF0rD347h

    Spooky Caves

    If you actually enjoy these kind of wads, I strongly suggest going to a bridge and contemplate jumping off, then once you decide not to because this was all said and jest, play in traffic for a little while and a car will do the rest for you.
  10. M4rk3dF0rD347h

    Doom the Way id Did

    Really impressed with this level pack. A few rough spots here and there, but other than that it is a very amazing map pack. 4/5, and also going to try out the recently-released follow-up :)
  11. M4rk3dF0rD347h

    Corrupted Dreams

    Tried this on both ZDoom and Skulltag, and this weapon mod didn't work well with either of them. There are a few weapons that don't work on Skulltag, and a few weapons in ZDoom have screwed up animations and sprites (I have the latest version of ZDoom, I'm sorry to say that this is easily Xaser's worst weapons mod, though a few of the weapons were decent, the rest were either broken or unspectacular. 1/5
  12. M4rk3dF0rD347h

    ACTION Revolution!

    This weapon mod doesn't work well with Skulltag; the Pistol, Shotgun and BFG replacements glitch to where you can't fire or switch weapons. On ZDoom, it works a little better, but it's still nothing spectacular. The Shotgun's firing animation is screwed up, the BFG fires out of line with the charging sound, and there's no SSG replacement. The other weapons are decent, though, but not much better (or different) than the weapons they were meant to replace. 2/5
  13. M4rk3dF0rD347h


    For a weapon mod called Pyr0M4N1AC!!!, I was expecting more flame-based weapons, not just the flamethrower BFG replacement (which kinda sucks). The rest of the guns were decent, though, and the monsters' increased difficulty was also noticeable. Better than 1337 Guns, for sure. 3/5
  14. M4rk3dF0rD347h


    Not too bad for a single map, but not too great, either. You kill a few monsters, flip a switch and kill some more monsters, flip another switch, kill more monsters, rinse and repeat. It's fairly challenging, though. 3/5
  15. M4rk3dF0rD347h

    Rust Bucket

    Not too shabby for a single map. Decent-enough, if simple layout, and the secrets aren't too hard to find.I wish there was a little more ammo, since there was JUST enough to kill everything in the map. 3/5