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The "Ask a Simple DOOM Question" Thread

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throughout the several months I've been here, many topics I've seen have formed that ask questions that could be answered by a single person, then put to rest for the rest of eternity. This isn't official or anything, I'm just making it to cut back on those simple topics. As an example, here is one of the earlier topics I made. So you know, look around, answer some pretty simple questions, go on with your day, and whatever. It can be anything DOOM related, even though it is in DOOM General. You can ask questions about DOOM Eternal, or even Freedoom. Also, if you do ask a question, here are a few rules. 

1. make sure it is DOOM related

2. make sure it is a question that can only get one possible answer, nothing like, "Hey, what's your favorite Demon?"

3. it does not have to be a simple question like "How do you 2 shot a Cyberdemon?" it could be a difficult question, just one that would only require one response. 

4. Don't make it a shit question like, "What is DOOM?"

For you responders, here are a few rules, too.

1. Don't give a shit answer

2. Don't give half an answer 

3. Make sure you understand the question

4. If somebody has the same answer that you were going to put in, do not post the same answer, although you can elaborate on somebody else's responce

Alright, ask all the simple questions till your heart can no longer take it (Don't actually, that isn't safe).

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3 hours ago, Marn said:

Who is John Romero?


Everyone asks “who is John Romero” but no one asks “how is John Romero” ;-P

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When Romero gets Johned too much, weird things happen... and he is not making you his bitch when that happens.




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4 hours ago, Can't play on Nightmare said:

Do you die if someone teleports to your place?


Yes. In fact, there's a chance of the player getting "telefragged" (general term for the occurrence) in Doom 2 MAP30 if a monster spawns on top of them.

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6 hours ago, Marn said:

Who is John Romero?

For twenty-six years you have been asking,"Who is John Romero?" This is John Romero speaking. I am the man who loves his deathmatch. I am the man who does not skimp on his rockets or his buckshot. I am the man who has spawn-camped you with a BFG and thus has made you my bitch, and if you wish to know why you are getting pwned-you who dread knowledge -I am the man who will now tell you.

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45 minutes ago, cambreaKer said:

why is hell on earth?

If 80% of Hell is on Earth, it's should be named

Earth on Hell?

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12 minutes ago, Can't play on Nightmare said:


Why was Doom 3 in Mars when Doom 2 was on Earth?


Because Doom 3 is a reboot of the original, and not a sequel.

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7 hours ago, pc234 said:

What is the capital of Ecuador?



Is there a tutorial for learning Zscript?

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29 minutes ago, Doomkid said:

Why don't you idiots deathmatch more FFS

i'm pretty sure i'd get my ass kicked in less than a milisecond

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