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  1. JudgeDeadd

    The WADmaker's Discography Thread

    2005 Naval Battle (Jun 27, 2005): My first release ever, and it's, well, not very good. Being a Duke Nukem 3D fan, it took me a criminally long time to realize that realistic maps in Doom are a bad idea, and equally long to learn the art of gameplay design beyond just scattering monsters around haphazardly. It also showcases my early tendency to get overly hung up on cool-looking "setpieces" (in this case e.g. the giant crate that reveals the spiderdemon) and half-ass everything else... Harmful Hospital (Jul 07, 2005): My first ever attempt to use custom textures. They don't exactly improve the look of this "realistic" map, though, with its crude-looking operating theater, asylum cells, doctors' offices etc. — all of which seem to have been designed for giants (or maybe Doomguy's a midget.) I'm pretty sure I drew some inspiration from Theme Hospital for this one, not that you can tell... Mean Mines (Jul 09, 2005): A map set in dark, deep mines... so why is the light level uniformly bright throughout?! And why is everything so BIG? Anyway, here's more examples of fancy "setpieces" (such as the drill, the poorly-looking mine cart, or the giant lake that fills with water) stuck into huge, bland-looking rooms (see e.g. the final area, where a sad giant gray ashwall triangle tries to play the role of "detail"...) Tagzonez (Jul 28, 2005): My first foray into multiplayer mapping. Once again I had a random idea after playing Duke Nukem 3D, and immediately proceeded with hasty and lackluster implementation. Forgettable... The Machine (Aug 10, 2005): I vaguely recall this map was originally made for someone's community project (on Newdoom?) and soundly rejected, on account of overall suckitude. The motif was meant to be some sort of a horrific, overwhelming machine which spans the entire level and can be seen crushing people and monsters, with the player forced to go deep into its mechanical bowels at one point; however, my mapping skills were nowhere near the level needed to bring my imagined scenario to life, and so we got a humdrum map with more choppy looking "setpieces" (crusher cage, giant gears etc.) sprinkled among plain architecture that has no consistent theme. However, apparently I had already begun paying attention to visuals at this point, trying to emulate some of the more effective Doom 2 bits... Forgotten Phobos Station (Aug 16, 2005): With lackluster gameplay and undistinguished visuals, no wonder this station is so forgettable. In some places you can almost notice an attempt to create some functional visuals, however most of the level remains bland... 1024x1024 & 2 sectors contest wad MAP16 (/idgames release Sep 3, 2005): Here it is, my very first community project/mapping contest contribution ever... And, zing, it took last place, and quite deservedly so. The concept behind the project was a great one, but I managed to do pretty much everything wrong in my entry: no interesting ideas whatsoever (oh, if only I'd taken more than a few seconds to think of cool things to do with two sectors), a stuck imp, and demons in pits that make the map unplayable with infinitely tall monsters on... 2006 Hotel of Tragedy (Jan 26, 2006): You'd think I'd have learned my lesson after the ship and the hospital, but here we are in yet another "realistic" locale. The main purpose of this level was to show off a neat gimmick I'd cribbed from Silent Hill, with the player going between the "normal" and the "infernal" version of the titular hotel. Gameplay suffers though, with all the typical realistic map woes, along with the need to run back and forth all over the map to complete it... (Can you find the pervy janitor's secret Peeping Tom room?) Urban Twilight (/idgames release Aug 19, 2006): Whaddaya know, another realistic map! And once again, emphasis is placed more on trying to build a realistic city rather than on coming up with good gameplay. This time I've got an excuse, though, since this was an entry in Newdoom's Realistic Map contest. It even won first place... which isn't surprising since there were only two(?) other entries (one of which was a troll entry consisting of a single looping stairwell). Anyway, this marks my first map with ZDoom scripting, although it's used for little more than a single cutscene and a pointless camera... 2013 Repercussions of Evil: The Game (Jun 16, 2013): My grand return to Doom mapping after a seven-year break. This mod got a pretty good reception, but in retrospect it definitely suffers from wasted potential. The gimmick of replacing all graphics with childish crayon scrawls is a cool one, but I got lazy — as a result the mod is downright ugly, if not visually impenetrable: most of the new textures don't really resemble anything, the sprites are unclear, and the overall level design is very much rushed... Doomworld Mega Project 2013 DMP2013L MAP16: Hatchet Job (Nov 15, 2013): The beginning of "serious" mapping for me. This is the first level where I actually made sure to polish the visuals, add some details to the rooms, and carefully design monster encounters so that they'd be properly challenging. The result, gameplay-wise, could definitely be better at times, but it's still a quantum leap over my previous efforts... 2015 A Party Downstairs (Jun 4, 2015): This is what I consider my first truly "good" map. I spent a *lot* of time on it, polishing it over and over, and I was very proud of the results once I was finally done. The visuals especially came out really great in some places... One Year Closer To Death (Jun 20, 2015): My first speedmap, made in two hours. Holds up rather well, although the ending is a killer. Later re-released as MAP01 in rb2013.wad... Doomworld Mega Project 2015 DMP2015B MAP12: Bleeding Hearts and Artists (Nov 11, 2015): A castle with impossible topology, Eternal Doom-inspired design, and my first use of an external texture pack. The design suffers a bit from a "detail for sake of detail" syndrome but I'm still quite proud of this map, especially the memorable gimmicks such as the concept behind the blue key quest, or the centerpiece in the ending room. There's actually a whole small backstory behind the castle, which is hinted at in the level, but I'm saving that for my developer's commentary if the DWMegawad Club ever has a Mega Project installment... 2016 Doomworld Mega Project 2016 MAP08: Bliss Toxin (Nov 12, 2016): This was my first attempt to make a map with a more complex design, one that wasn't just a series of rooms and corridors. My basic concept was that of an UAC base being constructed in an excavated cavern, except the construction was interrupted by the usual hell invasion nonsense, leaving behind half-deployed prefab walls and crates full of hexagonal floor tiles. Anyway, while the gameplay feels rickety at times (and the giant hell noble/mancubus/chaingunner ambush may be one of the most devilishly unfair things I've devised so far), I like the way the visuals came out... 2017 Confinement 256 CONF33: Turbulent Waters (Jun 6, 2017), CONF38: Agitation (May 14, 2017): Two maps prepared for the unfortunately underappreciated Confinement 256 community project. These are among my hardest maps, but then again they're also very short, so I guess they can afford to keep killing you over and over before finally letting you exit... Pigeon Speedmapping Session 3 -- 50 Christmas Pigeons MAP06: Bloodshot Ice (Dec 9, 2017): My first entry into a speedmap community project. I wasted about an hour trying to make a really complex and nonlinear map with the various areas interconnected in a myriad of ways, until I realized I would never manage to decorate, populate and playtest this mess in time. Cue a restart. You can probably tell the rushed nature of the level from the rather haphazard enemy placement on the outside... Never finished: Supermarket. What would have been my elementary-school magnum opus if I had more attention span than a typical elementary-school kid. There was also a ZDoom mapset taking place on board of a space station. I don't even remember when was I working on it, but it was likely sometime in 2006-2012. I made two or three maps for it, but sometime along the way, it got misplaced and I have no idea if any files still exist.
  2. JudgeDeadd

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Wow, it kinda looks like one of these Google Deepdream pictures.
  3. JudgeDeadd

    The /newstuff Chronicles #543

    Are there any suitable image hosting websites to use for /newstuff? The screenshot guide says that I need to use a host that preserves file names, but the guide is out of date so the suggested websites either don't work (imagehosting.com, majhost.com) or don't allow direct linking (dropbox).
  4. http://www.mediafire.com/file/hk0zkaatd2ed8ek/DWIronman26_JudgeDeadd-2.lmp/file Category: 2. I played through CChest4 once, long ago, though I didn't remember much about these particular maps. Survived map20 but died to a dead revenant on 21. I'm honestly pretty satisfied with my performance, I stink at dueling cyberdemons in tight quarters but I got the one on map20 without getting hurt. Total kills: 323/321 + 117/300 = 440/623 but this includes Arch-Vile resurrections, not sure how is it scored...
  5. The infamous use of D_BUNNY on Plutonia's "Hunted". That ditty really wasn't meant for use as level music; it's too short, loops terribly and ruins the maze's mysterious mood (it's either too whimsical or too fast-paced).
  6. http://www.mediafire.com/file/6fb3c1ylbgyilr1/DWIronman25_JudgeDeadd-2.lmp/file MAP02 [Cat 2] Guess where. I vaguely remembered that you had to shoot at the screen in that area to activate something. I hoped it would open the exit or something ;/
  7. JudgeDeadd

    ImagoLux - Automatic colored texture generator!

    Wow, 2000 ugly blotches EDIT: Frankly, the examples shown in your screenshots look terrible. Is the program capable of generating anything good-looking?
  8. JudgeDeadd

    I'm new to Doom mods. What are some good ones?

    Also: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Best_Doom_mods
  9. JudgeDeadd

    The DWIronman League dies to: Rush

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/yb55tlor99j7vad/DWIronman23_JudgeDeadd-1.zip MAP03. I died twice on map03, both times I kinda lost my head and ran right into the fray. [edit: this is Category 1] Use the -warp 03 command line parameter.
  10. JudgeDeadd

    Yanny or Laurel, what do you hear?

  11. JudgeDeadd

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Reading TVTropes and stumbled upon this bit of insight:
  12. JudgeDeadd

    The DWIronman League dies to: Double Impact

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/ozrew8u47n08o88/DWIronman22_JudgeDeadd-1.lmp E1M4, category 1. Damn, this mapset's stingy with health. I was shot in the back while desperately looking around for some healing items.
  13. Please note that map03 of 99ways has a bug that prevents its completion on hard difficulty (a missing teleport destination at the very end).
  14. By the way -- that is a deliberate Adventures of Massmouth reference in "Wild Bleu Yonder", right? ("What a bunch of weird-lookin' trees...")