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  1. JudgeDeadd

    Email Doom

    I thought this thread would be about play-by-email multiplayer Doom (however would that work).
  2. JudgeDeadd

    Your opinion on Twitter?

    Twitter is one of the most horrid inventions of the modern age. I'm not 100% sure, but I believe it was invented by Satan himself. It's a malignant environment that encourages hot takes, echo chambers, mindless bandwagoning, drive-by jabs and insults, and generally everything that's the opposite of thoughtful discourse.
  3. JudgeDeadd

    Why is it that....

    I'm guessing it's part of gameplay balance. If all the monsters could infight with all others, then any large group of monsters encountered would end up thinning itself out with infighting, so e.g. you couldn't pit the player against a large horde of imps without having half of them kill/distract each other. You're talking about how it makes it easier to fight hitscan enemies, but actually makes it harder to dodge projectiles, right? I wonder if it has something to do with the gameplay style being different... maybe the Doom playtesters/early Doom players didn't have the ingrained instinct to dodge as soon as they saw the attack animation? I briefly checked out some early Usenet postings, and found several posts from 1993/1994 where people claimed that the partial invisibility on E1M8 makes it much easier to fight the Barons.
  4. JudgeDeadd

    Do you think Doomguy eats the demons

    After 27 years, it had to happen someday. We've run out of good things to discuss about Doom.
  5. "...The premise is as offensive as it is childish: sometime in the future, demons come pouring out of hell and attack a human city. The player plays the role of a lone gunman who is tasked with killing demons, without much rhyme, reason, or objective. From the start the game is overloaded with upsetting visuals. It feels as if the authors desperately tried to pack as much vileness into the game as possible. The game starts off with you looking at a pile of bloody remains of a terribly tortured human being. As you move through the game "world" you encounter more such bloody, sickening scenes. But that doesn't even measure to the violent acts the "hero" of the game is committing. The demons, but mostly normal people, keep attacking you mindlessly, and you are forced, nay encouraged to kill them, equally mindlessly. You can beat them to death with bare fists, put bullets in between their eyes from your pistol, riddle them with shotgun shells. The defeated enemies collapse with gaping wounds, fall apart into piles of viscera, even drop to their knees and howl in pain before succumbing. The player's viewpoint itself becomes tinted red as the enemies' blood splashes against his eyes. Occult imagery, as if taken right from the pages of Satanic Bible, abounds throughout the game. Pentagrams painted in blood and grinning skull-like demonic faces are encountered often. There is not a single part of the game that is free of such vile images. Frightening-looking artifacts with occult-sounding names such as "soul sphere" are found throughout the game. All of this is presented in smooth-looking 3D technology, the better to make the player identify with the deranged killer. An ugly, contemptible, juvenile game; by far the worst the field of electronic gaming has yet offered. No rating." * * * On a real-world note, I've once read an old Wolfenstein 3D review from Poland, where the reviewer loved the game yet was very uneasy about the violence. Maybe half of the review was devoted to philosophical musings about whether war and killing can ever be justified, and whether it is okay to depict such things realistically in a video game. It really is interesting how people react to things they're seeing for the first time. Actual quote: [Source: Jacek Grabowski, Morderstwo czy dobry uczynek?, Enter nr 10/1992, s. 86.]
  6. Ummmmm, this is kinda worrying. It's always been fun to have a casual conversation on Doomworld, but now every single forum post must now be a mini-essay? ...Come to think of it, out of my last 15 posts, 9 are just "one-sentence" posts. So am I gonna get a warning/suspension for not padding them out with useless fluff?
  7. ...Um, isn't there just one ending in Hexen?
  8. JudgeDeadd

    anyone know any good TCS?

    Batman Doom
  9. Because it's a pretty darn vague criterion. How can we know that expressing any strong opinion on touchy political/ideological matters isn't going to make someone feel "unwelcome"? If I write something along the lines of, "In my opinion, you've got to be a terrible person to support [mainstream politician X]", is that a bannable offense? How strong an opinion are we allowed to express?
  10. JudgeDeadd

    Mr noodles

    bow down:
  11. JudgeDeadd

    Alphabet Music Game

    Have some Polish weirdness then.
  12. JudgeDeadd

    Most recent movie you saw

    As part of my ongoing exploration of Studio Ghibli films, I watched "Howl's Moving Castle" recently. My feelings are... mixed. It's still got the same kind of artistry and visuals that I've come to expect from Ghibli movies, and yet, something about it falls short. Maybe it's the CGI which is all too visible in some of the scenes. And the story, frankly, is a disjointed mess... more like a series of recounted dreams than a truly coherent script. It's not a terrible movie, in fact, it's definitely still above average. But it's probably my least favorite Ghibli movie so far.
  13. Guess I'll be unoriginal.
  14. JudgeDeadd

    Cheese tactics!

    Way I see it, if the map allows a tactic, then it's a legitimate tactic. If the mapper doesn't want me to run away from the room and pick off enemies one by one, he should have locked the door or something. In general, I think Doom is such a well-designed game that there aren't really any overpowered, "cheap" tactics possible. (Unlike e.g. Crysis 1 and 2, where you can abuse the invisibility cloak to easily win most fights.) (Also, I think this would be better suited for Doom General)
  15. JudgeDeadd

    Commercial music "inspired" by video games?

    The song "Kernkraft 400" by Zombie Nation includes a sampled music track from the C64 game Lazy Jones. (Apparently they didn't bother to recompense the original composer until later.)