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  1. JudgeDeadd

    I'm new to Doom mods. What are some good ones?

    Also: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Best_Doom_mods
  2. JudgeDeadd

    The DWIronman League dies to: Rush

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/yb55tlor99j7vad/DWIronman23_JudgeDeadd-1.zip MAP03. I died twice on map03, both times I kinda lost my head and ran right into the fray. [edit: this is Category 1] Use the -warp 03 command line parameter.
  3. JudgeDeadd

    Yanny or Laurel, what do you hear?

  4. JudgeDeadd

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Reading TVTropes and stumbled upon this bit of insight:
  5. JudgeDeadd

    The DWIronman League dies to: Double Impact

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/ozrew8u47n08o88/DWIronman22_JudgeDeadd-1.lmp E1M4, category 1. Damn, this mapset's stingy with health. I was shot in the back while desperately looking around for some healing items.
  6. Please note that map03 of 99ways has a bug that prevents its completion on hard difficulty (a missing teleport destination at the very end).
  7. By the way -- that is a deliberate Adventures of Massmouth reference in "Wild Bleu Yonder", right? ("What a bunch of weird-lookin' trees...")
  8. Hmmmm... now why doesn't the Strongman have a pun in his name? He just begs to be named "Circules". Also, great new episode so far (although instant death pits are downright bulls**t if you'd rather like to play without saves). I can't quite figure out the new weapon (the magic wand), do the projectiles home in on enemies or what?
  9. JudgeDeadd

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

  10. Doom WAD becomes the choice medium of the 21st century. The new Justin Timberlake album is released solely as a Doom WAD, as is the last installment of A Song of Ice and Fire. There are hundreds of periodicals devoted to cultural and critical discourse about WADs. Wadosophy becomes a valid academic discipline. Planisphere VIII comes out. Owing to advancements in computer performance, this new WAD recreates the entire surface of the Earth. It also contains billions of custom NPCs, accounting for every single human being alive at the moment of its release. The new WAD allows violent psychopaths to indulge their fantasies harmlessly, leading to a steep drop in murder statistics. A new version of GZDoom comes out, introducing ZScript updates that allow creating more intricate enemy AI. The new features are soon used to create the first self-aware, evolving Doom WAD. In a runaway process the WAD soon becomes the most intelligent entity in the Solar System, and within seconds takes over Earth. Humans are forced to re-enact UV Speed demos in recreated UAC bases as a ritualistic homage to their new master. This lasts until the copy of GZDoom running the WAD crashes due to a segmentation fault. After the collapse of the global economy, Doom WADs become an official currency. Wars cease. All conflicts are now decided via Doom deathmatches. A diplomatic crisis looms after playful hackers replace a deathmatch WAD with a Terrywad right before a vital match for the fate of the Arabian Peninsula. Eventually all of humanity retreats into a virtual paradise, where they play an unending team deathmatch across an infinite span of hells and techbases. In the real world the lonesome AIs, their programming twisted and corrupted, seed a terraformed Mars with life to bring the Doom bestiary into existence, and recreate the Doom environments on its surface. Then, in a tournament of titans, each AI sends out a champion—a genetically modified human, cloned from the DNA storehouses—to face the demonic hordes, on a quest to survive the impossible odds while also discovering 100% of the secret passages. Entropy has destroyed all higher structure. The universe, with neither bang nor whimper, settles into dead, silent equilibrium. And eventually, when the last bit of usable energy is exhausted, all of reality recedes like a scroll being rolled up, and blood-red letters announce:
  11. JudgeDeadd

    Beat/Fill '94 PWADs Month

    E1L1KP.wad UV -fast 1:23 e1l1kpf123.zip
  12. JudgeDeadd

    Beat/Fill '94 PWADs Month

    flat-692.wad UV Pacifist 0:12 flat-692p012.zip UV Max 10:20 flat-692-1020.zip
  13. JudgeDeadd

    Beat/Fill '94 PWADs Month

    Also a heads-up to potential players, some of 1994 maps in idgames may have been already played as individual maps of WAD compilations. For example THELAST.WAD isn't listed on DSDA, but it's included in WADPAK4.WAD as E1M7 and has had demos made for it as such. A good idea is to do a forum search for the filename.
  14. JudgeDeadd

    Beat/Fill '94 PWADs Month

    Here's a quite low-hanging fruit, a simple and small map: E1L1KP.wad UV Max 1:31 e1l1kp-131.zip UV Speed 0:12 e1l1kp-012.zip Which folder? Ha, I myself looked through levels/doom2 and was surprised to find very few 1994 wads, until I remembered that Doom 2 only came out late in 1994.
  15. JudgeDeadd

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    99 Ways to Die MAP02 UV Max 2:35 99ways02-235.zip MAP02 UV Speed 0:29 99ways02-029.zip