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Status Updates posted by Lizardcommando

  1. I finally successfully made a silent teleport which is supposed to simulate a staircase going over a floor. I feel like a winner.

  2. what a way to end the year. a damn speeding ticket. fml

  3. I finally beat Doom 2 on the Nintendo Switch and man, I really don't remember having so much trouble with the Icon of Sin. It could be due to the controls, but I definitely remember having less issues playing in the Doom95 source port lol.

  4. Things are finally looking up for me. Aside from finally getting my first dose of the COVID19 vaccine (I got the Pfizer one.), I finally moved out of my old apartment and am living by myself and I am supposed to be starting a new job delivering medical supplies some time soon. One of my friends currently works there and was the one who helped me get the job.


    Finally being able to get some peace and quiet is such a relief. No more loud annoying roommates who don't clean up after themselves and who eat and make some really smelly ass food. God it feels good to be out of there.

  5. The Zaku 2 Kai: now that's a damn good mobile suit.

    1. MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai

      MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai

      The only Zaku to kill a Gundam :)

    2. MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai

      MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai

      Well that and Psycho Zaku

  6. I just realized that practically all of the wads and mods I have made over the years have never been fully finished. They have either been outright cancelled or put on a "permanent hiatus". I think the only things I can truly say are considered 100% finished are my "bomb vest" joke wad, my crappy bar deathmatch map, my contributions to "32in24" single player megawad, my contribution to the megawad in 2 weeks project, and my old, old Lizard Wad mod.

    1. Noiser


      I know how it is to struggle with unfinished projects, 90% of everything I did was not ever released. Making to-do lists helped me a lot tho, for some reason.

  7. I remember seeing an interview for the new Doom Eternal game a while back saying that basically all of the fan made wads and mods were canon to the Doom storyline. Does that basically mean that Doomguy canonically traveled through the crazy ass levels like deus vult, nuts.wad, the Sky Maybe and all of those fugly troll maps that invaded the /idgames archives 5-10 years ago to defeat Hell's forces? Fuuuuuck, no wonder Doomguy has a severe case of PTSD. 

  8. Yeah.... so there was a mass shooting in my hometown on Sunday. I don't really know what to say except I get what people say when they say "You don't really think a horrible tragedy can happen to your hometown until it happens." Or something to that effect. It makes me sad, mad and disgusted that it happened during our annual food festival, a community event where families gather to eat a bunch of food, drink beer and wine and buy various crafts. Fuck.

    1. Catpho


      Dang. Stay safe dude :( Hope everyone there is holding up.

    2. Lizardcommando


      Thanks man. Yeah, thankfully my parents are OK and my brother and sisters are fine as well. I went last year but I decided to skip out this year since the weather has been really bad this week. 


      I didn't know anyone who went this year, but it's still shitty knowing that our town's annual festival is forever linked to such a shitty thing.

    3. DuckReconMajor


      A family member was on the way to go shopping next to the El Paso Walmart. They were stopped by police responding to the scene.

      I'm glad they're ok.

      But I'm so sick of this shit.

  9. I honestly can't believe my cartoony ZDoom mod Lizard Squad mod is 10 years old. I'm also still surprised there are still some people playing it. I didn't even think I'd finish all the enemies before calling it quits. But lo and behold, it's pretty much done. Obviously, there would be LOTS to improve like remaking/revamping the weapon sprites and replacing "borrowed" Metal Slug sprites with new ones, but let's save that for a completely different mod.

  10. Yo, what is that screenshot on your avatar from?

  11. I can't believe I'll be turning 26 this Tuesday. It's a weird feeling. Kind of a bittersweet feeling to be honest. Sure, I've graduated from college for months now, but with a useless BA degree in graphic design. I'm working part-time at a commercial radio station in promotions where the hours have been dwindling for me since September and some crappy personal shit happened earlier in the year. Fortunately, there are a few good things that happened to me this year:

    I've started actively going for my passion, which is voice-over work. I know it's kind of silly, but what the hell do I have to lose? I'm done with school and this is something I've wanted to do for a long time. I'm looking for another job at the moment to supplement the crappy hours I'm getting at my current job. I dropped my old friends back in June and I've been much happier hanging out with the friends I've made at the college radio station I used to have a show at. I still help out over there with production stuff and that's been keeping me happy. I've even started putting myself out there and went out with a few ladies and that's something I've never really saw myself being successful at five years ago!

    So overall, this year, while it has been bittersweet during the first 6 months give or take a few good moments sprinkled in them, have not been too bad. All I can really say is that I've been much happier now than I have been during the last 2 years.

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    2. Lizardcommando


      Thank you. Yeah, it's something I've wanted to do for a long time. It's actually why I joined my college radio station in the first place. I figured doing production and having my own show would be a good springboard for VO. Beyond that, I never really had any idea how to go about in going for this dream until earlier this year when I found out about a talent agency up in Hayward that started offering Voice Over workshops.

    3. Technician


      Your life is eerily similar to mine. Well, besides the VO passion.

      Happy birthday.

    4. Pottus


      I'll be 32 on the 24'th I feel like an old man lol.

  12. It's a great program. It's much easier to use than Wad Author. I guess the reason why I held off on using it for so long was because I had some pretty bad experiences with Doom Builder 1. It would either freeze on my when I tried to load up an old map I made in Wad Author or it would just crash when I tried going into that 3D viewer mode.

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    2. printz


      Lizardcommando said:

      BTW, Is there a way to join linedefs together like in WadAuthor where you just click two linedefs and then right-click and click on the "Join Linedefs" button?

      I don't know about that, but you can simply delete the middle vertex.

    3. Use


      Technician said:

      Lets all take a moment to laugh at DeepSea.

      I always end up laughing at you instead.

    4. SYS


      For the longest time I used Wad Author for 2D construction and then used DB1 just for the 3D mode. Since DB2, I haven't even humored the idea of using Wad Author. DB2 is just packed full of awesome and makes map construction a pleasurable experience.

  13. Short Version: It's a long rant on looking back at past stuff and also stuff dealing with my life these days.

    Long Version:Instead of working on my small animation project and any other school stuff, I was wasting my time here and looking at all the past crap I posted. I found this gem just now and I am utterly embarrassed for the retarded crap I posted. I am slightly amused at how insane most of my early posts are. I also remember an early post I made and I asked who Joseph Stalin and Mao Ze Dong (spelling is probably not right, but who cares) are. Now that's pretty embarrassing.

    I sure miss some of the old members like Sephiroth, koolkat, and Dunbar. I know I missed a couple other members, but these guys I remember most. I didn't talk to Sephiroth a whole lot aside from posting through here, but I do remember emailing and IMing the likes of Koolkat and Dunbar. Looking back at these old posts and remembering the names of a few of the members who used to post here and then seeing the new posts now and not seeing their familiar names is kinda saddening. I can't really remember the last time I even saw them post something here. Geez, I miss some of these old members.

    Aside from the last two days of October, overall it's been a pretty fucking crappy month for me. I've fallen a bit behind on school and some other personal stuff has been fucking me over, namely this girl I like and kinda sorta fucking things up with her, then fixing things up a bit, and then fucking things up again. It's all a friggin' roller coaster ride, but I don't really feel like going into huge details. It's been putting me into a slight depression. I don't know what the fuck to think. I'm trying to keep up with everything, but it just feels like every time I try to improve myself, something holds me back and I keep falling behind. It feels like life's going at warp speed and I'm just drifting along. I'm sure that feeling will go away once I start forcing myself to trudge along through this semester. Then again, there's probably a good chance that this feeling won't go away, so meh...

    I'm trying to improve myself socially, taking baby steps, improving myself by taking better care of myself. Back in high school, I wouldn't even try to talk to anyone. I'd just sit somewhere and draw some stupid doodles by myself. These days, I actually try to talk to people in my class. You know, start up small conversations with random people in my class and whatnot. Hell, I've even mustered the courage to talk to this girl that I like. Now that's something I would never had done in High School. Back in those days, I'd run away as far away as possible from her! I have little chats with her every time I see her at work. I know that's not really much, but to me, that's something. That's a real step up from saying "Uuuuh, hi..." And then running away like a pussy. I still get a little nervous talking to her, but at least it's not as ridiculously bad as I was in High School.

    I don't really know why I'm typing all this stuff. Maybe it's from the nostalgia of my old posts, looking back at how ignorant and immature I was back then and then looking at what I've become today. I know I'm not exactly the most well-known member here or one of the veterans of this forum, but I've been around since December 2001 and to me, that feels like a really, really long time ago.

    Anyways, so that's about it. Hi guys. :)

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    2. Sharessa


      With mods like myk, Grazza, and Bloodshedder not around back then, there was a bit more tolerance of silly topics back then. Basically it was only Lüt moderating, and he'd only Hell something if it was gibberish or Dashiva.

  14. Since May, Doomworld was always loading really slow for me. I don't know why. It would take about 3-5 minutes just to load the forums and the other pages on the site. The /idgames database and the /newstuff review center page, however, loads fast. Anyways, just right now, it seems like the main site and the forums load pretty fast all of a sudden.

    Did anyone else notice this or is it just me?

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    2. Snarboo


      No problems with Doomworld, but Firefox has been having problems loading animated gifs lately. It used to load them quickly, and they would play back smoothly, but now sometimes even a single one causes lag. I wish I knew what was causing it. :/

    3. Technician


      The new version of Opera is double-timing gifs for me.

    4. Coopersville


      No issues loading forum pages for me.

  15. I woke up this morning to find out my parents had my dog Peter was put to sleep. He was 15 years old. He was a mix of a Golden Retriever and an American Eskimo dog, in case anyone was wondering what kind of dog he was.

    Goddamn, I wish they could have given me a heads up on that. Yeah, it was obvious that it was going to happen eventually and everyone pretty much knew he wasn't going to have much time to live, but still. I wish my parents said when they were going to put him down. Fuck, this sucks. The last thing I said to my dog was "Hey Peter, you ok?" How fucking stupid is that? Goddamn, I wish I could have just said something more meaningful and at least given my dog one last hug. This fucking sucks. If there's one thing that surprises me abotu that dog is that he didn't go so sooner. I mean, 15 years is pretty damn old for a dog, right?

    I'm going to miss Peter.

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    2. Lizardcommando


      Thanks for the support guys.

      This all happened on Saturday in the middle of the night. My parents were the only ones awake. My mom basically said good bye and thank you for all of us and then my dad took him away to the vet to have him put down. I used to be really bummed out by this, but now that I think about it, my dog'll be with my grandfather and his dog so I guess things will be good from here on out. :)

    3. Csonicgo


      My dad says that he can't take anymore dogs after my dog Sam goes. I understand it's not the dog-hair or the bad puppy he was or anything like that, dogs just become like your kids and when they go it's just devastating to you :(

    4. skadoomer


      I had an English bulldog die of a heart attack at 6 years old. I came home hours before my parents did and found him dead on the floor and completely lost it. I've had friends and family die on me, but for some reason this death has hit me the hardest. My family also took it really hard as we haven't had a pet since that dog died, and that was about eight years ago. Its funny to come home to a quite house after you've had an animal. It feels so lonely.

  16. ...but some sick fucks are posting that and some other extremely nasty ass shit over at the ZDoom forums. What the fuck is going on over there?!

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    2. alexz721


      Fredrik said:

      You haven't seen anything until you've seen SWAP.avi (or so they say; I haven't, fortunately).

      Geez, I'm genuinely afraid to click on those pictures. And I've seen virtually everything the grotesque underbelly of the Internet has to offer.

      Edit: Ah, it wasn't so bad. The buildup was worse than the actual content. Not something I'd care to ever look at again though.

      Also, that youtube video no longer works.

    3. Erp


      I think the goatse pic would make a great Icon of Sin replacement, with Romeros head inside the huge gaping anus.

      EDIT - by "bathtub girl" do you mean the woman standing on her head and pooping on herself? That is gross.

    4. Sharessa


      Erp said:

      I think the goatse pic would make a great Icon of Sin replacement, with Romeros head inside the huge gaping anus.

      That actually exists.

      There's also a replacement for the BFG.

  17. I got my AA in Liberal Arts/University Studies. I was originally going for a degree in Digital Media, but the scheduling was fucked up and I wasn't able to take one of the courses that I needed for it. For some reason, I had my photoshop class at the same time as my English 1C class. I needed both classes for the Digital Media degree, but my councelor said that if I were to take the English 1C class, it would fulfill the requirements for the AA in Liberal Arts/University Studies, so I had to change my major. Oh well. The whole graduation ceremony was pretty boring. There was two good speeches. I dozed off to sleep for a few minutes during the ceremony and I woke up because for some reason everyone was standing up and waving their arms around. I still haven't a clue what happened at that moment. I was pretty much awake throughout the rest of the ceremony.

    Anyways, hopefully I transfer to San Jose State in the Spring of '08.

  18. I just realized how stupid I was back then. I cursed soo much back then. Yeah, sure I still curse now and when I type on forums/messageboards, but I didn't think I cursed that much. I still can't realize how many stupid things I've said... Then again, I found some rather interesting stuff I wrote too... I had some fucked up dreams.

    Oh well, I'm glad I've gone past that level of stupidity. :p

    Anyone else ever look back at their old posts and reminisce about what you were thinking when you wrote some of your old posts?

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    2. exp(x)



      It appears as though most of my initial posts after lurking for quite some time were about Doom 3.

    3. Bucket


      My worst embarrassment in these forums? The failure to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that I should be credited for the creation of ragdoll physics.

      Can't find the thread, but I recall certain people trying to gloss over the incredulous reactions they gave to the concept five years ago.

    4. Foofoo


      Back in the day I used to post.

  19. I finally got a hold of the original author of Lilium via AIM and showed him my parody and he liked it! According to the author of Lilium, it's one of the best parodies he's seen.

    I feel so honored. :)

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Lizardcommando


      Here's the link to the movie:


      It uses the theme song from Elfen Lied.

    3. Snarboo


      I actually thought that was better than Lilium, for a number of reasons. The first being that it didn't take itself so seriously and come off as over dramatic. The second being that it was actually animated, rather than a bunch of still screens with text. It had me laughing because it was such a spot on parody of it at first, and then it turned into a huge fight scene, which was just perfect. Good work!

    4. Cardboard Marty

      Cardboard Marty

      Snarboo said:

      I actually thought that was better than Lilium, for a number of reasons. The first being that it didn't take itself so seriously and come off as over dramatic. The second being that it was actually animated, rather than a bunch of still screens with text. It had me laughing because it was such a spot on parody of it at first, and then it turned into a huge fight scene, which was just perfect. Good work!

      Pretty much the same thing here. I didn't really like the original though, seemed funky.

  20. Ok, I dreamt that I was watching 24 and when someone mentioned Walt Cummings's name, I heard two idiots giggling behind me. I turned around and I saw Peter and Chris Griffin! Chris was like "Haha. He said Cummings." And Peter was like "Cummings. Ehhehehehehe. (that was supposed to be his signature giggle)" I look back at the TV and everything turned into the Family Guy-style animation/artwork. I was really confused and when I looked back at Peter and Chris, the entire world turned into the Family Guy-style animation/artwork!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TawmDee
    3. Lizardcommando


      Ok... So why bother replying?

    4. insertwackynamehere


      it would have been really weird if the family guy artwork turned into a-ha Take On Me artwork inside the family guy artwork inside the dream.

      but cool dream anyway :)

  21. As the title implies, I had a really crazy ass dream some time ago...

    For some odd reason, I wished Lizardcommando would appear and help rid the world of terror. I don't know why I made a stupid wish like that, but I just did.

    Anyways, my wish came true and with a white flash of light accompanied with the Doom teleporting sound, Lizardcommando appeared but then he shot up my house. The funny thing is that I didn't even give a shit. Armed with his trusty Colt .45's modified with laser sights and exploding hollowpoint bullets, dual MP5K's, an XM8, Sawed off double barrel shotgun, and a Katana, he looked like he could take on legions of insurgents, terrorists, gangsters, murderers, the BTk Killer, etc. He said he had some stuff to do and he wanted me come and watch how people should deal with psychos, so he teleported us to some really weird places.

    First he teleports us in the one of the airplanes that crashed into the Twin Towers and etc. The terrorists spotted us, but they didn't stand a chance against the government-hired killer. With the Bezerk Sphere and a short sword, he chopped off their arms and lob the arms into their stomach, impaling them and then punched a hole through their skulls to finish them off. And then LC would pick up one of the Box Cutters and throws in that one douche bag's head (the one everyone always remembers, it was Mohamad Mokaba or something. Who cares.) Anyways, LC carves a target in his head and when the Mohamad guy's screaming bloody gibberish, LC smashes his ribs, impaling his vital organs and throws him off the plane and takes out a high powered Bolt Action Rifle and shoots him in the middle of the air (shoots him right in the craved up target) and he blows up into a mist of gold coins and everyone down below starts taking them thanking him. Lizardcommando and me continues teleporting to the other airplanes and single-handedly kills off each and every one of the terrorists. I thought the day was over, but apparently Lizardcommando had other stuff to do, so we teleport again.

    Now we're at Columbine, so he tells me he's going to show Colorado SWAT how their job should be done. Lizardcommando snuck through the ventilation shafts and when saw the two dumbasses in view... BLAM! Shoots one of them in the head! And the guy's head explodes from the hollowpoint bullet filled with enough explosives to clean a baby elephant's head off! He jumps down below and while the other guy tries shooting LC down with a shitty TEC-9, he fills him with lead with his trusty MP5K's. The guy's in a pool of blood and LC tells the other people hiding to get the hell out and get paramedics to tend to the wounded. The guy tries to shoot the kids running away, but he gets his arm blown away and and then another bullet right between the eyes. I somehow end up inside that school and then Lizardcommando said there was a giant army filled with all of the scum-of-the-earth and we teleport down to some giant hellish-looking floating platform about Los Angeles where the army was being made.

    I was floating in the air for some reason watching through a bunch of cameras when Lizardcommando went against the army of assholes. So many serial killers, insurgents, terrorists, psychopaths, religious nutcases, every jack ass imaginable charged at Lizardcommando. Jack the Ripper couldn't touch him! Hell no! LC cut the fucker in half and then kick his top half at Scott Peterson and then right before he tries killing his wife, Lizardcommando shoots off his legs with a sawed off double barrel shotgun and then stabs him in the temples with two bowie knives. The BTk killer dies even quicker than Jack the Ripper because LC grabs his head and slam it down into the ground and then equip himself with a Bezerk Sphere and smash his brains into nothing. Then these Iraqi insurgents and the cannibals
    who killed and mutilated and ate parts of those US soldiers two or three years ago tried to bite Lizardcommando, but BLAM! BLAM! His good ol' Colt .45's gibbed them into oblivion.

    Then all of a sudden Osama jumped into the air and swung a giant sickle, but he was riddled with bullets but LC's XM8 and then threw his mangled bullet ridden corpse into a stick, impaling him through the heart. Abu Zabu Marcofi had giant hammers on his hands and swung like a mad man, but Lizardcommand tripped him and fell inside a giant meat grinder. Just when half of the army was being desimated and destroyed, I woke up and I had about 30 minutes to get from my home to my psychology class...

    Goddamn, that was one crazy ass dream... I wish I could remember what other serial killers Lizardcommando killed.

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    2. insertwackynamehere


      Bloodshedder said:

      Lucid dreaming has something to do with the occult? Give me a break.

      Here's an informative site about lucid dreaming.

      thats my point. i dont like the whole "occult" perception some people have.

    3. Sharessa


      Meh, lucid dreaming isn't that great. It makes dreams boring as Hell. There was one instance that it helped the dream out though. In the dream, I was lost in some city that resembled Tacoma closely and finaly I was like "Wait, this is just a dream" and so I decided to fly around town to look for a way home.

    4. Lizardcommando


      I had another weird dream, but I can't really remember all of it. All I remember was that I was in some dimly lit office building and I shouted out something to do with being rude... I dunno. I really wish I could remember what my dream was about. I woke up from it and I remembered everything about it and i was even going to write about it, but stupid ol' me went back to sleep...

  22. Seriously, where the fuck did this acronym come from? The ZDoom forums? Someone tell me when this acronym started getting popular?

    I see these letters everywhere and it's driving me insane. Can someone explain to me what the Z stands for in ZOMG?

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. AirRaid


      I thought ZOMG was the 'logical' step from 'OMGZ' which was derived from 'OMGS' which is like, multiple OMG and therefore so much more OMGish.

      Or something.

    3. DOOMinator


      The Wiki definition makes it sound like it's the latter half of LOLZOMG...and that people just shortened it down to just ZOMG.

    4. DOOMinator


      How about a nice big plate of Belgian ROFLS?

  23. http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=24774&highlight=less+than+stellar

    Heheh, I'm sorry. My mind just feels empty. Lately, I am feeling less than stellar. I'm out of ideas. I can't draw anything. Goddamn art class. I fucking suck at art. Fuck Gouache paints. Fuck paints. I hate using paints. I'm not even half way done with my final art project and i think it sucks. I fucking hate myself right now.

    My final project for my digital media class has ran into a dead end. I'm making a game, but my brother says it's less than stellar. I had a bunch of ideas for some flash movies, but it's too fucking annoying to start them up, especially when you feel like your brain is flying on fumes, so to speak. I can't think straight. My mind is blank.

    Everything I do, no one really gives a shit. I try to do something that makes me happy, but in the end, it just won't do it for people. Everything is less than stellar to them.

    ...Goddamn, I feel fucking worthless right now...

    I'm sorry, this is not how I act at all. But right now, life just isn't stellar for me right now. i'm just glad that in two weeks, I'll be done with the semester.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Lizardcommando


      Yeah, i just realized he was probably messing with me when I read further into that thread. I judge people too quickly, unfortunately.

      I'm trying to stop doing that though, honest! :p

    3. DOOMinator


      Yeah I feel the same way sometimes, but I just get numb to it. Crying isn't gonna help. Nobody's impressed by anything anymore cuz everyone's seen better. If you showed somebody your WAD in 1993 they'd probably need to change their pants. Now it's like "Doom? People still play that?"

      Although I did have friends that hate everything and I showed them ZDaemon and then before you knew it, it was all over school and even spreading into Harvard Square. Insane. That's the first time I ever started a trend. That was forever ago though.

      I think the best attitude is to create things for yourself only and just publicize them and never look back. If you go into it looking for approval and go back to check and see if anyone left you a comment or viewed your creation, you're only gonna get disappointed.

      That's the attitude I have, but it is very sucky to bust your ass on a WAD or any creation for that matter and have no one care. But what can ya do?

    4. Lizardcommando


      Yeah. You can't impress everyone. I think Linguica was kidding though (I hope).

  24. I'm gonna be working on this psychology research project that I've procrastinated on since the beginning of September (When the project was first assigned!

    I changed the subject for the project three times and i've started working on the damn thing only yesterday at around 10:30 PM. I'm only half way done with it fortunately, but I've still got a lot of catching up to do :(

    As for presents, I'll probably end up only getting money. Meh, oh well. Some birthdays kick ass while others suck... What are ya gonna do about it, eh?

    Oh yeah, I'll be turning 19. So hooray for me.

    1. insertwackynamehere
    2. KwadDamyj


      Bappy hirthday!

      ...Wait a second. I'VE CAUSED ARMAGEDDON! D^=

  25. So I haven't made much progress at all with my Wolf 3D mod. I started making the beginning of E2M5 but I stopped. I ran into mapper's block. Also, my coding is still a bit fucked up at the moment. I can pick up the rifle and shoot, but if I select another gun, I can't switch back. Also, I somehow start off with all the guns except the rifle. Pretty weird shit if you ask me. I think that's why I stopped working on my Wolf 3D mod.

    I haven't been honing my Flash skills at all either. I've been meaning to do some test stuff, namely experiment with some ways to animate. Also, I've been meaning to try and scan in a picture, import it into Flash, then basically cut it into pieces in, divide it into layers and animate it. But, I haven't. Never got around to it. Oh well, at least I'm taking that Flash class for college. I can learn some important stuff. I'm guessing most of it is going to deal with Actionscript...

    I've mostly been playing Skulltag and working. That's what I've been doing and wow. I guess my summer's been wasted away. The only good thing that came out of it was my pay checks. I've been raking in the dough, so I'm kinda happy.