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[Cacoward approved] InstaDoom: screw #nofilter - final WOTY edition released

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Feb. 22 update: DLC Pack 1 released!
Dec. 6 update: WOTY Edition released!

There have been various attempts over the years to "improve" the Doom palette. While these attempts had various goals, and succeeded to various degrees, one question remains: did the authors get paid billions of dollars for recoloring pictures? No? Then their attempts were objectively inferior to one group of people who did!

That's right, now you can play Doom with any one of no less than 40 real Instagram filters, all painstakingly recreated in the Doom engine! Memento Mori with Mayfair! Requiem with Rise! Icarus with Inkwell! Alien Vendetta with Aden or Valencia!


In some cases, InstaDoom even IMPROVES on the filters! Here is "1977" applied to a screenshot. The middle is the real Instagram filter! It looks like hot garbage! The right is InstaDoom, where it is at least usable!

And that's not all! Download now and also receive:

You can only take so many pictures of your food slaughtering demons! You want to show the world how hott you are while you do it, and now you can! Use the latest in stick technology to get more of yourself in the shot! It's American President Approved!

Show how artistic you are while visiting far-away places!

Use the rule of thirds to compose your slaughter!

Let the world know what you think of something crazy you just saw!

All this and more!! Download now!!

Update: please enjoy this preview video from the good people at RPS!

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ClonedPickle said:

please devote the next cacowards to this and only this

Apart from getting a 'ward, all the other 'wards will have screenshots taken with this, of course.

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This is too much. Linguica just won life, not only the internet. Best Valentine's gift ever.

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Is there a way to make sure the selfie part not fullbright when the room you are in is dark?

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Glaice said:

Is there a way to make sure the selfie part not fullbright when the room you are in is dark?

Well, it's already not fullbright for the first 15 tics, then there's the flash which is obviously fullbright, but I could make it also not fullbright for the last 10 tics as well, I guess. I figured most people would prefer it to be fullbright when taking a screenshot and so kept it fullbright for longer.

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