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Status Updates posted by Csonicgo


    1. Master O

      Master O

      So that's where Weird Al got "Headline News"'s melody from...

  2. "Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?" - the greatest thread in the history of doomworld forums, locked by a moderator after 12,239 pages of heated debate,

    1. User Name

      User Name

      The producers are probably monitoring the thread now laughing it up.

  3. Jeez your profile page avi and header 👀

  4. I've been sitting on a BTSX Episode 1 review for months now, real life happened. I better go finish that now.

    1. leodoom85


      Finish it. Looks like that review is harder than the mapset....

    2. Csonicgo


      There's a lot to say about it. And the events surrounding it.


  5. Kate,I love you.



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    2. taufan99


      I don't really know anybody in the DOOM community after a long time of hiatus, but I feel sorry for her passing.

    3. BigDickBzzrak


      Ohh... I think I've seen her post a few times. Aw man, such a shame, seems like an awesome girl with a good sense of humour. How did she die?


    4. Rachael


      She died in a house fire. She had just moved from NC to MI to basically I guess you can say a new family, away from her old one that apparently neglected her. Anyway, she was apparently sleeping and the fire started. Lots of folks paying their respects in this ZDF topic: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=58800

  6. I really want to like this WAD I'm reviewing, but I just can't. There are too many problems in terms of movement, ammo balance, and even motion sickness. I got motion sickness!!!

    1. Alter


      Sounds like a monti wad :D

  7. @There is nothing worse than typing on a C64 for hours= then going back to an IBM=@ lamented CSG.

    1. Megalyth


      @Have some bread, I brought extra=@ offered Megalyth.

  8. DMXOPL v.1.10 is out! Thanks to all who helped :) 


  9. DMXOPL progress has been going great. Now that it's going to be used in a handful of high-profile releases, I have newfound motivation to work on it. :)

    1. Csonicgo


      If you want to test out the latest dev build, here you go! Try it out and tell me what you think!


  10. New DMXOPL Release: 


    1. Voros


      I will not download until a final release is announced >:D

    2. Csonicgo


      It's pretty much done. Any other release will be for BTSX.

  11. Now I know why people randomly text message me when they're high.

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    2. Fonze


      You know you're high when random things start to make sense ;p

    3. TheUltimateDoomer666
    4. Csonicgo


      @Doomkid: mhmhmm, I could've touched the moon

  12. If you were saying to yourself "I wonder if I can play FFVII with DMXOPL", the answer is yes. 

    1. Megalyth


      Truly the Lord has smiled upon us

    2. Csonicgo


      This sounds so good omg

    3. NuMetalManiak


      welp time for a revisit

  13. I don't have any stress anymore. I can sleep....

    I don't deserve this.

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    2. Marn


      Please PM me.

    3. Csonicgo


      I'm great, guys. I'm finally happy. NO cause for alarm. :)

    4. MrGlide


      Thats good, I was really worried there.

  14. (This status requires a Doomworld Gold™ Account.)

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    2. Battle_Korbi


      As I said I ain't in control of these ads :P


      Had to switch to my regular account for t'is reply.


      Now I cannot look at Post Hell until I log back :(

    3. Ichor


      Thank you for your payments. Notification of your status should be in the mail in 6-8 weeks.



      Now we can splurge at the Sushi King tonight.

    4. Fonze


      Look at what your actions have wrought CSG, I just hope yer proud of yerself...

  15. My DMXOPL patch is now in Foobar2K midi plugin!

  16. Long hair feels so weird. I reach up to brush my hair aside and I feel something almost on the other side of my head. 

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    2. Dragonfly


      Go back 8 - 9 years and I had hair that went down to my shoulders. I remember cutting my hair short - I had the opposite sensation where I felt like my hair was in the way so I'd flick my head subtly to try to rearrange the hair without using a hand, making me look ridiculous. :P

    3. YukiHerz


      Slowly being able to use hair ties again, too bad in my society men with long hair are labeled useless regardless of how well kept it is.

    4. Doomkid


      As someone whose hair has been long for like 10 years, the thought of cutting it short is like the thought cutting off a functional body part at this point

  17. Recently I've noticed that Facebook (along with other sites) is suddenly cracking down on accounts with names they see as "fake".  Two of my reservation friends' accounts were blocked because their tribal names weren't seen as legitimate. Two more were disabled from the site entirely due to trolls reporting the names.


    Since I've been on Facebook since it was Ivy League, and before everyone and their Grandma was on it, my account is tied to my University. There's little reason why I should be worried about my account standing.


    So why am I so scared to change the name attached to it?


    Thanks to Facebook's "Real Name" Policy, I would technically be violating the "community guidelines" by using the name I want to use, since my legal name has not changed yet. I've got to get all my ducks in a row before I do something like that, but at least I should be able to use the name I want without some troll reporting my account and twelve years of memories just go *poof*. And of course none of my current identification would match the change.


    I could change the nickname, sure, but the software still tries to"talk" to me personally using my deadname - a serious issue.


    So yeah I'm more than a bit pissed off at this. This is stuff I should never have to worry about...

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    2. Battle_Korbi


      Well if by some accident Facebook deletes me I wouldn't mind much. I only read some stupid articles and post shit once a month/year/eon on my page there.


      Somehow Facebook hasn't even warned me about my "real name" even though my name account is Battle Kirby. Doesn't sound like a real name right?

    3. esselfortium


      It's ridiculous that this is necessary at all, but if you want to avoid trouble, use Facebook's name change request form and send them a photo of some mail delivered to your requested name and an official letter from work or something like that. That way they'll manually approve your account's name change and you shouldn't have to worry about it. Still a hassle, but less of one.

    4. Csonicgo


      Good idea, Essel, I'll do that.

  18. Life sure is weird.
    I never knew how much pushback and red tape I would go through until I found out who I truly am. It's like I'm swapping one stressor for another.

    On the other hand, I never knew how much support I would get.
    So that's nice.


    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      My grandmother used to say something like this:


      When I was barely grown up, life was difficult, because oftentimes I didn't know what I wanted for myself. Once I knew what I wanted, life was difficult because getting there wasn't easy either.


  20.  Warning: DANK

    1. Fonze


      Heh, that video kinda reminds me of back when I used to play WoW; one of my buddies messed with our guild on Vent during a raid a few times by pinching his cheek and quickly smacking it against his teeth, occasionally making male/female groans and with the occasional slap thrown in to be classy.

    2. nxGangrel


      What the serious fuck

    3. esselfortium


      Dang kids today suffering due to avocado products instead of due to home ownership

  21. In case people forgot, to see statuses in a "blogs" like view, click Unread Content -> Content types -> Status updates. You're welcome.

    1. BigDickBzzrak


      There's also this activity stream thing


  22. In memoriam: Post Hell

    1. untilitdies



  23. Oh look, ¡es another one of these threads again! Hooray!

    In case you haven't noticed, I haven't been around much as of late. There's a big reason for that.

    And that is, well, gender dysphoria fucking sucks. (Told you it's going to be one of those threads!) The anxiety and stress had gone to the point that my hair was coming out. Being laid off of my once secure job because of a merger was not helping. I didn't want to talk to people, I didn't want to go outside, I started losing weight so rapidly that it was causing problems. I was falling apart. I just wanted to sleep. That's it. Why this suddenly became debilitating, I'll never know, but it crashed on me hard.

    And I used to pick on Kate like a moron when I knew I was in the same boat. I was terrible!

    And I live in a section of the country that still uses AOL and thumps Bibles, so if I spoke up about this I knew I was going to be electroshocked just like my old grade school friend who committed suicide, likely from that treatment. It's disgusting. And I can't change my parents, it's too late for that.

    I've been dealing with this since 2002 at the earliest, and sent to various doctors, on crazy psych meds, which turned me into a mess. That caught up with me in 2005 when I tried to end it all. Not proud about that.

    And my doctor? She knows exactly what's wrong, and knew before I could admit to her or myself, and sooner or later I'm going to have to leave my parents for good. Likely out of the state entirely. I don't know how. I've been on therapy about a year now and losing 80 pounds in half a year is probably not good either. And now my exchange insurance (I lost my employers medical insurance immediately upon termination) is in jeopardy because some fucks decided America need to be "great again" and that might fuck me up for good, because my medications total add up to over $1K. America still sucks at healthcare.


    So if you're wondering where the blue blazes I was, there ya go.

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    2. j4rio


      joe-ilya said:

      all I said is there are more options than turning into a woman.

      Sure, you can also turn into a diamond.

    3. esselfortium


      joe-ilya said:

      No, what the hell? "Trivialized"? "the only reason"? "too much anime"?
      How in the world did you come to the conclusion of those quoted? You turn everything I say into an insult and twist everything, you're being too sensitive, all I said is there are more options than turning into a woman.

      Do you find "too sensitive" as an insult as well? I hope not, I didn't even try.

      Actually this is, in fact, literally what you said:

      joe-ilya said:

      Not really, you can also make a surgery to turn yourself into a black guy with a huge cock if you're not satisfied with what you are.
      But with all the anime you watch, you'd rather be a woman.

      It's a completely nonsensical statement that speaks to willful cluelessness, despite several wasted attempts to explain things to you in this very thread. It's offensive on multiple levels and serves only to be inflammatory. Continuing to double down on it is probably not the best idea

    4. BigDickBzzrak


      j4rio said:

      turn into a diamond.

      Or even worse, you can create a diamond programming language.

  24. Man, is it just me, or have source ports become less stable in general? More mods require the latest dev build or whatnot, and I try to compile those only to get unaligned access crashes, or garbage collection crashes, or segmentation faults. I still cannot get the latest geezy and qz to compile due to.. God only knows?

    It's getting to the point where I cannot do /newstuff reviews (The joy of mapping 2 review is done but I can't get screenshots because the fucking thing crashes when writing a screenshot) and I'm kind of tired of all this.

    We can't have this situation where mods require unstable versions, or latest release versions that don't get bug fixes for months. I can't run the stable version of the port in question because of arch specific fixes not being Incorporated into that release, There are even mods now that require a version of a port I can't even compile because the build system is complete trash on anything but a 32-bit X86 OS. Maybe I should report the bugs, but I'm not about signing up for yet another dumb, slow bug tracker on a crazy version control program (git is too mainstream I guess). And sourceforge, please stop using it. It crawls and barely loads on a supercomputer.

    Modders need to pick the latest stable version of a port and develop for that. Any mod that requires me to dig up a specific port version because the author exploited undocumented behavior to the point of near breakage deserves to meet a trash can.

    I'm not really blaming the port authors, they're unstable for a reason. But modders requiring those builds? Haha nope not reviewing your crap.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Bloodshedder


      Ideally you wouldn't try to run Doom source ports on a toaster

    3. Csonicgo


      Bloodshedder said:

      Ideally you wouldn't try to run Doom source ports on a toaster

      I wouldn't call a quad core a toaster, exactly, but it's not an X86, which definitely puts me in lower caste status.

      that and my "buying a gaming PC" days are over considering I don't have a job now.

    4. BigDickBzzrak


      Why do you even play mods that require a devbuild?
      Anyway, maybe you could ask someone around here to compile it for you, if you can't do it yourself?

      Csonicgo said:

      I don't have a job now.

      Did that Randy guy fire you?
      Sad to hear in any case. :[

  25. I work at a certain company that works on inventory systems, and is also a defense contractor. Four weeks ago, my manager quits out of protest, as the new boss (who insists we call him "Redge") assigned to us from upon high is as about as high as corporate - naturally, a kite. He's dopey, he's a corporate puppet, and he likes to talk about Bob Dole a lot. Surely this man will just stay the hell out of the way. We had done just fine without a "boss" for eight months. What we didn't know is that the manager gave "Redge" the keys to the kingdom - our server git repository, and everything in it.

    I woke up this morning at 4 AM to an SMS saying that our code repository at work had been accessed by a "new member of the compliance team". Thing is, there was no new member on the "compliance team". That wasn't even a department name! So I rushed to the office in a huff, wide awake at this point, praying for no cops with speed guns on the way there. In my mind, someone has either broken into the office, or worse, hacked into the local code repository from one of the ports the IT guys keep forgetting to close. Surely a randomly generated password longer than a bible couldn't have been cracked, right?

    I am asleep at my desk from exhaustion when my co-worker, Leigh, comes in at 8 AM sharp. She had just wiped her MacBook Pro clean the night before, due to a botched OS X update. She too got a text message, but assumed it was me, as I had been working later than usual. She finds, to her horror, that two new people, with names 20 characters long, had been "invited" into the team, and we had been "renamed" to compliance. That's when we get an email from the "Redge" saying that he thought we could "use some help". That help came in the form of two dimwits from the Chennai, India branch, recently acquired by merger a year before. They admit to us through Slack that they had never used a version control system before. I felt a tinge of anger, but not quite the level of anger that the boss would soon experience.

    The two new members of our "team" decided that the color of the web-based inventory front-end wasn't "good enough", even though we had just finished a redesign, with the colors matching official design guidelines. We find out that not only did they change the colors, they decided to deploy those changes to the main, internet-facing servers, without going through QA. That's when I hear the fires of hell erupt from Leigh's cubicle.

    Leigh tells us that our new friends pushed code to master, bypassing QA, while also tinkering with her custom branches, with an editor that decided to convert all the source code files on her branch to Windows format, which screws all the line endings up. Immediately, this causes conflicts with our frameworks, and one of our parsers fails to work now. So in a fit of brilliance, they decided a force push would do the trick. Instantly realizing what they had done, they copied over the files from master, pasted them in the working folder, and force pushed with a fake name, erasing all history on said branch, in a terrible attempt to cover their tracks. Remember how she had wiped her MacBook a night before?

    If I hadn't had cloned the entire repository to my ThinkPad for Thanksgiving tinkering, Leigh would've lost four to eight months of work. We receive word that the interim manager, on vacation in Tampa, hopped on a plane after getting the same SMS we did, but he could have flown in with his own two arms given the level of pissed-off he was when he slammed open the office door. "Redge" walks in with coffee to see the door fly nearly off the hinges.

    It turns out that the website had been inoperable for eight hours. With worldwide clients, this is a bad, bad thing. After the manager finishes steamrolling the boss with expletives, he tells us that, because of US regulations on the work we are doing, having foreign workers without security clearance can bring up to $10K of fines per infraction. Salespeople barge in behind him, with questions about why the interface has changed without any notification. The QA team follows the salespeople,demanding answers.

    Redge turns the color of wax paper, and says, "well I guess I should remove the other 20 guys I just added to the repository, then."

    Redge is no longer working with us.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. kb1


      FuzzballFox said:

      Wow fuck that Redge guy

      Yes, fucking fuck that guy repeatedly. I despise people like that, to the core. Aaah - this makes me angry, and I have no association with any of it!

    3. Csonicgo


      Followup: Redge formally got told to GTFO at the Q4 Meeting by the British head honcho (who I regularly email to let him know what the hell Redge was doing to us). Plus, we're all getting a raise. I might wind up in another friggin' tax bracket.

      I think Leigh and I saved the entire USA branch. That ThinkPad shall be bronzed when it dies.

    4. Chezza


      Frustrating situation but in the end it looks like a greater disaster was avoided because of your backup. So in the end, the situation kind of sounds funny.