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  1. kmxexii

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    Whenever it's available I will certainly play it. I'm also likely to preorder one of the packages because the idea that this could lead to a Doom II release intrigues me.
  2. kmxexii

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    The community to me is the most important part of why I keep coming back to Doom and slagging anyone who isn't a professional game developer in defense of Romero does it a huge disservice, nevermind the fact that some people like Sverre Kvernmo, JP LeBreton, and Kaiser ARE active community members who have also had a career in game development. I like the idea of playing Sigil because It's a new episode for the original Doom! It's Hellish / E4-themed! I barely know anything about Buckethead but I know that Romero has like hundreds of his albums on Bandcamp so it's cool that he got someone whose work he really enjoys to collaborate with him I like the idea of anyone who took a huge long break from Doom and came back to the community, even if only to check in. The dude who did Forest Valley stumbled on my review and left some comments and even found the rough area in Quebec where, on a hike, he had taken the photo that became the background for the episode. Stuff like that makes me happy, same as Alm dropping in on the DMWC playthrough of Scythe II. Romero had a hand in establishing the initial image of what it means to be a Doom map and came back with some twenty years of life experience so it'll be interesting to see what he thinks makes a fun Doom level with that great divide. I had this same sort of conversation when we were talking about Tech Gone Bad for the 2016 Cacowards. That's the real flamebait for 2019 - people getting pissed at the idea of Sigil potentially winning a Cacoward. Are all of you ready???
  3. kmxexii

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    This comment is dumb and while I am amused at the idea of NIH turning her nose up at Sigil because it is not hardkore enuff I think her comment re: your deification of Romero is spot on
  4. kmxexii

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    lol at all the haters, I'll line up to play this with the rest of the flock
  5. kmxexii

    Doom Year Resolutions 2018 vs. 2019

    This list is actually two years old. I disengaged with anything that had to do with 2017 until after the Cacowards - took a long break from anything related to Doom - and then when I started up again I spent most of my time playing through the 2001 top 10 dovetailed with the entire back catalogue of everyone involved with 2002: A Doom Odyssey. Plus some diversions from my very old request list. I do have a list of stuff with a predictable rotation that I'm working through and Doom64 (via Doom64EX) is actually coming up soon. I'm probably as far from making a map as I've ever been. I am doing the author deep dives, tho. Malcolm Sailor is completely played except for MSSCRAPS and I've also been doing this in the run-up to pretty much all of the classic stuff that I've been reviewing lately. The new list: -play through the 2002 top 10 -finish the 2017 Cacowards -play the 2018 Cacowards (ha!) -author deep dives -play Doom64EX for review -more cherry picking from the review request list -update screenshots through the Master Levels, maybe -work my queue My current short-term goal is finishing the Top 10 WADs of 2002. The long-term goal is building toward Community Chest 2. The "endgame", so to speak, is Plutonia 2.
  6. kmxexii

    Doom's 25th Birthday - What will you be doing?

    One of the best decisions I've ever made!
  7. kmxexii

    Cacowards 2018 - 25 Years of Doom

    let the bloodbath begin
  8. kmxexii

    Doom's 25th Birthday - What will you be doing?

    I won't be throwing together Cacowards at the last second, lol If I do anything Doom-related then it will probably be continuing to write the overview for my Kama Sutra review.
  9. kmxexii

    Oldest SP MegaWAD?

    As Phobus mentions earlier in this thread, Enjay Doom (replacing the three episodes of the original Doom) was actually finished and originally published in 1994 - just not on /idgames. Dan Krempel's RAGE Doom was released around the same time but, again, not to /idgames. It's less auspicious since it doesn't replace the entirety of each episode and is selective of which ones it does. Additionally, the "finished" BF_THUD ought to be a 29-map replacement, not 24.
  10. kmxexii

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    It's Voodoo Guns
  11. kmxexii


    I second that emotion
  12. kmxexii


    The only one I can think of that Skillsaw was mentioned in is Paul Fleschute's Invasion 3, discussed at the end of Invasion II's .TXT That's a cool Easter Egg!
  13. kmxexii

    So why is Alien Vendetta in particular so well liked?

    This sounds interesting to me but I love doing deep dives of author materials.
  14. Stuff like this has ended up as part of the Multiplayer Awards (WhoDunIt, Samsara)
  15. kmxexii

    Vote for your favourite Perturbator LP

    I like Terror 404 but it's better soundtrack / background music. I don't often get the urge to put it on but I do still listen to "X-CaliBR8" and "Linnea Quigley Horror Workout" on occasion. It's a nice window to a time when his work wasn't quite so serious.
  16. kmxexii

    Vote for your favourite Perturbator LP

    When I started getting into synthwave - as a result of listening to the original Hotline Miami OST - I tracked down "Vengeance (The Return of the Night Driving Avenger)" and discovered the Nocturne City EP. "Intro (The Journey)" seguing into "Welcome to Nocturne City" is still one of my all-time favorite synthwave segments but that's not up for vote so I'll have to pick I Am the Night. I probably listened to it a hundred times before Dangerous Days came out and I still love it for the slightly softer edge. I still enjoy DD, even if the vocal tracks got slaughtered in the mix. I haven't been able to really get into Uncanny Valley, though.
  17. kmxexii

    Why the first 3 maps of Plutonia are so bad?

    The only part of this that I find any truth in is the big, featureless cavern that connects the southwestern cistern to the yellow key bridge. The rest of "Well of Souls" is okay as far as visuals go; the descending water level is a cool opener and the algae-covered caverns / ruins / base portion is fine. I just now breezed through "Congo" on UV but I can empathize with how unforgiving the combat of "Well of Souls" is. The zombie mosh pit and invisible bridge canyon are really uncomfortable early encounters and the great lost soul release adds a ton of ammo soaks without giving anything back to the player. I replayed both of these levels from pistol start to get a gauge of how tough they are since I'm some six years removed from the last time I played them. I died three times without saves, I think; twice to the invisible bridge battle and once to the first chaingunner reveal in the hall o' skull switches. I remember "Caged" as being much, much harder but I don't know how true that is anymore. The nice thing about replaying "Well of Souls" is that while I still had a pretty good idea of what to expect it still felt relatively challenging while not being particularly unfair to me. For newbies, though, player foreknowledge helps when knowing which of the skull switches offers only pain and suffering and how to activate the invisible bridge; that last one is a biggie because anyone caught offguard is getting hammered by revenant rockets and that chaingunner sniper from the exit room while waffling around. I was still surprised by the zombie horde in the collapsing tunnel but my years of experience took over and with some deft maneuvering I minimized the threat level. I would guess that the Casalis were probably uninterested in slowly breaking players in to their difficulty sensibility. If I recall correctly their design ethos was to keep punching up a map until they found it difficult to beat. There wouldn't be anything interesting to them in a levelset whose first levels could be easily blown through; for them, the action was the main attraction. There's something refreshingly honest about a mapset that opens up with a couple of hard hooks and then keeps up the pace throughout. I also gave "Well of Souls" a run-through on HNTR and the difficulty was heavily toned-down in a few key places. If id had a quality control department looking over Plutonia then it was probably more concerned about the way the easiest difficulties played than the apparent fairness of HMP or UV.
  18. kmxexii

    Nyarlathotep in the doom games

    It is the primary antagonist of Strange Aeons, not counting the epilogue episode
  19. I Propose a new genre of mapping that starts with wild exotic themes and then turns into a tech base after the first 5-20% played a shaggy dog map, if you will
  20. Whenever you see something like that in a Doom WAD, a 1994 wizard did it
  21. I didn't download this to check but based on the map image of EVIL_E I'm pretty sure that the level in the pack is EVIL_E. I mean to say that I recognized it because of the ship; it's a distinct feature.
  22. I recognize the ship. I played this back in 2010 as part of a Jive compilation. Its ultimate origin is EVIL_E.
  23. kmxexii

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Memento Mori 2

    The old link to my review broke awhile ago when Blogger was arbitrarily reverting posts to drafts. This is the current one.