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  1. Well, here are two of them! The Baron's Domain No Quarter
  2. Hello and welcome to the interminable season 19 of ONEMANDOOM! This is my attempt at a ONEMANDOOM WAD review metathread. I long hesitated posting something like this in the old WADs and Mods forum, but now that non-specific and older WAD commentary has been parsed out into its own subforum I am comfortable taking this outside of the realm of the sixty or so folks who have elected to follow me on Doomworld. I won't promise that I'll be super-engaged with this thread outside of posting updates when I make them to the blog but I appreciate all readers, both long-time and new. RE: Season 19: There is a natural ebb and flow to what I've focused on reviewing over the years based on the period following the Cacowards where I started to round up the WADs that I hadn't covered (late December / early January) and the point in the year where I began to panic because I hadn't played many WADs from the then-current year in preps for the Cacowards (late June / early July). In 2018, due to a suggestion regarding the progress of my overwhelming Malcolm Sailor monograph, I birthed a plan where I rotate through a more or less pre-planned series of topics. Season 19 kicked off with my review of the Russian Overkill mod on January 2nd, 2020, and is finally nearing its inevitable conclusion!!!! SEASON 19 Short 'n Quick 2 (by @Varun) Deep Core 1 (by @Use) Entryway (by @Espi) Secret Lab (by @Sphagne) Shadowcaster (by @The Ultimate DooMer) Mega Tear (by @Memfis) Short 'n Quick (by @Varun) Hell Pit (by @Use) Simphony of Death (by @Sphagne) The Abandoned Mines II (by @Torn) Operation: Lightning (by @The Ultimate DooMer) Gredna (by @Memfis) One Humanity (by @Romero) Fragport (by @The Ultimate DooMer) Soulcage (by @Use) E2M1ER (by @Espi (RIP)) Duse Ex Machina (by @Aleaver) Barons o' Fun (by @Espi (RIP)) Find It (by @Erik) R.A.V.E. (by @Aleaver) Timelessness (by @Aleaver) Silent Halls (by @Memfis) OTTAWAU.WAD ver 0.9 (by Jean-Searge Gagnon et al) Indifference (by @Aleaver) No Hope For Life Episode 1: Back to the Fight (by @Aleaver, @pabloD, and @Jayextee) bitebwad (by @Aleaver) Blackness (DSV2) (by @Kaiser) Download (by @Memfis) Subversion (by @pabloD) Blind Alley Y., "Dissolution" (by @Searcher) Blind Alley X., "Forlorn" (by @Searcher) Blind Alley 8., "Retribution" (by @Searcher) Blind Alley W., "Redemption" (by @Searcher) Blind Alley V., "Necrophobia" (by @Searcher) Blind Alley U., "Deja Vu" (by @Searcher) Blind Alley T., "Waste Processing" (by @Searcher) Blind Alley B., "Octagon of Fear" (by @Searcher) Rise of the Wool Ball (by @MSPaintR0cks) ----- Europa 3: The Dark Side of Vrack (by @Erik) The Anomaly: Part II (by @Varun) Toilet Break (by @Memfis) lilith.pk3 (by @anotak) Evil's Playground (Diabolique part two) (by @pabloD) Blind Alley S., "Spirit World - Headquarters" (by @Searcher) Trousled (by @A.o.D.) Titan 1024 (by @Ixnatifual) ea Speedmap 3 (by @Erik) Metamorphism (by @Vorpal and @Karthik) Love You With Poison (by @Memfis) An Infernal Place v1.1 (by @pabloD) An Infernal Place (by @pabloD) Blind Alley R., "Monster Mansion" (by @Searcher) Beta 64 (by @Antnee) Doom 64: The Lost Levels (by @Kaiser) Europa 2 (by @Erik) ----- ea Gothic 2 (by @Erik) ea Gothic 1 (by @Erik) Europa 1 (by @Erik) Nexus (by @Vorpal) Heart of Fire (by @pabloD) Catastrophe (by @magikal (RIP)) 3 Heures d'Agonie 3 (by @WH-Wilou84 @franckFRAG @Datacore85 @Roofi @Memfis @Oxyde @JCD @Ch0wW NilstheRed and Jambon) Blind Alley E., "The Pit" (by @Searcher) Gordia (by @Memfis) MAYhem 2016 (by @Tarnsman @Alfonzo @Angry Saint @Jimmy @Argent Agent @Urthar @Pinchy @Benjogami @Breezeep @Alter @an_mutt @pcorf @Rayziik @A.Gamma @Dragonfly @Ribbiks @Remmirath @Marcaek ) Blind Alley Q., "The Warf" (by @Searcher) MEMFIS_E1M1 (by @Memfis) Russian Overkill (by @PillowBlaster) Season 18: The Vorpal Bird Went Karthik-er Snack: Good Bye to the Alex Parsons Project, Loved You Lutz (July 17th, 2019 - December 28th, 2019) Season 17: Shilpashastra (January 15th, 2019 - July 12th, 2019) Season 16: Odysseus (July 6th, 2018 - January 10th, 2019) Season 15: The DOOM Poets Society (December 5th, 2017 - July 3rd, 2018) Season 14: A Quick One (July 17th, 2017 - November 30th, 2017) Season 13: END1 or Adventures in Copypasting (December 22nd, 2016 - April 23rd, 2017) Season 12: The Book of Relevation (July 2nd, 2016 - December 15th, 2016) Season 11: DOOM Gone Bad (December 29th 2015 - June 23rd 2016) Season 10: How ERKATANE Stole X-Mas (June 29th, 2015 - December 22nd, 2015) Season 9: Per Your Request (January 10th, 2015 - June 26th, 2015)
  3. It's time for my review of Short 'n Quick 2 by @Varun.
  4. Uhh, yesterday was too busy for me to even click post so here is my review of Deep Core 1 by @Use! This is another great, classically-styled Doom II level with a fun layout and a highly-restricted bestiary as befits an early level in a prospective megaWAD.
  5. It's been five days - you know what that means! This review of Entryway / KARMEA.WAD by @Espi (RIP) is more for WAD historians as it is an early version of Suspended in Dusk's MAP01. If you are the kind of player who enjoys more subdued Doom II action then you will want to give this one a look.
  6. You are most welcome! No End In Sight's E3M7 ("Netherworld Citadel") feels like another one of these kinds of maps in spirit, not just because of the body of the main level that's locked behind the one-shot path through the catwalk nexus but the secret jaunt through relatively isolated excerpts of END1's E1M1 and E2M4.
  7. It's been five days - you know what that means! It's time for my review of Secret Lab by @Sphagne! Reviewer's notes: This is the second of the thirteen available single-player Sphagne levels. Sphagne, if you ever visit Doomworld again and end up reading this, then I want you to know that I'd love to see the levels that you weren't comfortable releasing! Secret Lab belongs to a select genre of levels that features a substantial, optional, and most importantly secret area that imagines itself as an internal bonus map. Given some time I'm sure that I could pull other instances out of my memory but the first and really only one that came to mind (the ODESSA ref is a bit of a stretch) is Number One Kill: The Next Generation's MAP01 since Angelo literally touted the secret "half" as a third, secret level.
  8. Yeah, it would be less clunky to not have to depend on voodoo doll / morph ovum setups, particularly since it also relies on consumable items. By that same token, one could make indestructible pods, letting the destructible ones fill in a sort of "escort" role a la the incredibly cumbersome gauntlet of SHADOW's E5M7.
  9. If you were one of the select few Heretic hopefuls then do I have some good news for you! It's time for my review of Shadowcaster by @The Ultimate DooMer! Reviewer's notes: I must have known about these before doing a deep dive of Clark's works but when I started in on Fragport I had completely forgotten that Operation: Lightning even existed and thought that Shadowcaster was a three-level ZDoom TC themed after the Raven Software game of the same name. Whoops! A year ago I would have maybe guessed that E5M8's title was a reference to the Stephen King series but I would have had no idea of the significance of the final battleground. Shadowcaster's work with using exploding pods as pushable platforms and the voodoo doll + morph ovum mechanic feels like it could have been revolutionary for the comparatively small number of authors of Heretic user levels. I don't know enough about the history of Heretic PWADs to be able to say with any certainty but, for whatever reason, I have seen neither of these gameplay innovations in the limited amount of other user levels that I have played (though I half-expect to see something like these in @scwiba's UnBeliever given Absolutely Killed's predilections toward twisting OG Doom's available mechanics into novel positions). It's probable that with what few Heretic mapsets that I've played I have seen and subsequently forgotten any instances of pod platforming. I can think of a number of explanations as to why these elements never took off, not the least of which is that Heretic is ostensibly a Doom clone with very soft action / adventure touches and its playerbase was quite happy with a relatively straightforward sword and sorcery FPS. If someone knows of any other Heretic PWADs that use pods in lieu of box puzzles or gets the player to chicken themself in order to take advantage of stuff like its shorter height and slow fall property then let me know! It's fascinating to see it appear out of nowhere, so to speak.
  10. I hope you're ready for some more @Memfis tomfoolery in my review of Mega Tear. This is another short, simple, and fun level with a race track-like periphery that promotes player movement... provided that you kick a mancubus and maybe a few other things out of the way.
  11. kmxexii

    Known lost WADs of our history?

    Paul started posting here again not too long ago as @Kor so it's possible that he still has the resources around somewhere.
  12. kmxexii

    Known lost WADs of our history?

    AfterDoom used to be on this list but we now have the complete Virgil the DooM Poet experience... excepting the stuff that he mentioned on his website as being WIPs (Lake Avalon's Fall, Space Fragments, Claustrophobia 2). Don Howard of Kill! Zone and Daedalus: Alien Defence fame released a single level Doom II level called Vile-Lab, mentioned in the KILL!Zone II .TXT but which I wasn't able to track down. If you've read my Malcolm Sailor reviews then you'll know that he mentions a PWAD called DK.ZIP which he describes as "a high quality fortress level". He never released it under that name but I suspect that he subsequently published it under a different moniker since he eventually released pretty much everything that he'd ever made with MSSCRAPS. I doubt whether it was one of the prefabs and suspect rather that it either found its way to /idgames as CHORD1 or (more likely) CHORD2 given that the latter has a definite fortress feel. Bob Evans teased having a backup of a bunch of Compuserve files around the time that he uploaded his holy grail ODESSA maps, with specific map names, but he has vanished back into the mist of history. I hope that he is doing well.
  13. kmxexii

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    as it just so happens, the version of AEOD that I downloaded back when I was getting into the Doom community is v5. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/n8bblqma68gtflc/AADO3B9_TlhGlENNaTgzBgG6a?dl=0
  14. I modified the rerelease of 2002: A Doom Odyssey to include the original custom skies that were featured in the 2002 release. I’ve had to tinker with a few 2001-2002 ZDoom PWADs because some of the syntax that worked back has been deprecated by subsequent ZDoom development.
  15. kmxexii

    DoomWiki Month in Review (Issue #37)

    I did a good job of this back before I went on indefinite hiatus but in the spirit of being current (and especially because DoomWiki has review links on all of the relevant articles!) I went through and added in all of the DoomWiki buttons for articles that were created in the interim.
  16. kmxexii

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Community Chest

    Gene is @Searcher and he has commented on my Doomworld status updates that plug my reviews, particularly the ones that are related to my monograph on Community Chest.
  17. Update to the WAD Review Database: -Updated with the 2021 Cacowards and Not Jabba's review corner (as well as my 2021-2022 review campaign) Will be sure to update with Doom Master Wadazine links next. I'll eventually get around to doing the other Wadazine offshoots like WADarchaeology and the Endless Random reviews but I wanted to get my feet under me first what with the wonderfully staggering number of works detailed by the 2021 team.
  18. kmxexii

    How there were wads in the 90s

    john romero and sandy petersen were in the closet making wads and i saw one of the wads and the wad looked at me!
  19. kmxexii

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    the screenshot of MAP01 is the starting room from Erik Alm's Europa 3. the filesize is pretty much the same as the unzipped eaeuro03.wad, too.
  20. kmxexii

    Can someone explain 10 Sectors to me?

    in this context - and to simplify things a bit - a "sector" is an area defined by its ceiling and floor height and the flats that carpet them. all of those boxes that are enclosed shapes are all part of the same, monolithic sector and if you have a trigger that does something to that sector then it will happen to all of them at the same time. There may be tens or hundreds of instances of that sector "type" but they are all actually part of the same, unique sector.
  21. kmxexii

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/herbtech ?
  22. the tone of my post was unnecessarily crass but "Considering Habitat is what it is" is a diplomatically vague phrase and while it neither agrees nor disagrees with the poster that you were replying to, your supposition / musing of it as a potentially rushed replacement suggested that you were on some level of agreement. From this position, I rudely (I apologize) inferred that any questions that one would ask Buteau would naturally try to reveal the story of why Habitat is what it is. While we're musing on Final Doom's dev history and the Casalis' place in this, I find it interesting to note that the original plot of The Plutonia Experiment as it was conceived of as a freeware release - immortalized here - includes a time travel element. Coincidentally, the incongruous "Pharaoh" from Evilution involves a trip to a DoomCute-ish Egypt. Dario's interview for 5 Years of Doom does not suggest that any overlap existed between the two projects, of course, and his recollection probably would have been at its best at this point in time, but Ty Halderman's 5 Years of Doom interview explicitly says that some of the Evilution rejects wound up in Plutonia. I've come to wonder whether some levels originally developed for the freeware Plutonia were submitted to Evilution but I admit that it's almost certainly a fantasy born out of coincidence given the currently available recollections.
  23. so you daydream of getting in touch with Christopher Buteau so that you can ask him, in your own words, why his map sucks. this habitat hate cult leaves a lot to be desired
  24. memories from the corners of my mind